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HABITAT (United Nations Centre for Human Settlements)
Harvard ASH Center
Harvard Global Equity Initiative
Harvard Law
Harvard University
Harvard University (all)
Health and internal displacement/forced migration
Health Education
Health Education/Training
Health financing
Health impacts of "development" projects
Health in different regions of Burma/Myanmar
Health of Burmese refugees and migrants
Health of migrants from Burma
Health Profiles and Reports by State, Region and Union Territory
Health Promotion, Education, Research and Training
Health reports by State
Health reports by State and Division of Burma/Myanmar
Health reports by State for 2011
Health statistics
Health systems and resources
Health, Right to
Health, right to: standards and mechanisms
Himalaya-Hindu Kush mountain range and the Tibetan Plateau
Hinduism, Brahminism
Histoire de la Birmanie
Historical documents
Historical maps
Historical periods
Historical research
Historically Important Figures (profiles, speeches and other documents)
History and analysis
History and Organisation
History of Buddhism in Burma
History of education in Burma/Myanmar
History of education in Burma/Myanmar (general)
History of health care in Burma
History of the Tatmadaw
HIV/AIDS - Burma/Myanmar
HIV/AIDS - international, regional and thematic material
HIV/AIDS: Discrimination based on
Hluttaw sessions for 2015
Hluttaw Sessions for 2016 (NLD Parliament)
Hluttaw Sessions for 2016 (USDP Parliament)
Hluttaw Sessions for 2017
Hluttaw Sessions for 2018
Hluttaw-related websites
Hluttaws - other documents
Hong Kong University
HTML versions of "The Global New Light of Myanmar"
Human activities in, on and around Burma's water bodies
Human activities on/in water-bodies
Human activity in the environment of Burma/Myanmar
Human activity in the forests of Burma/Myanmar
Human activity on land in Burma/Myanmar
Human Development
Human geography
Human Rights
Human rights and education
Human Rights and international relations
Human rights bodies and mechanisms in Burma/Myanmar
Human Rights Committee
Human Rights Council
Human Rights Council Special Sessions on Myanmar
Human Rights Council, Special Session on the Rohingya of Myanmar, 5 December 2017
Human Rights Council: Special Session on Myanmar (video)
Human Rights Council: Special Session on Myanmar, 2 October, 2007, reports and resolutions
Human Rights Council: Special Session on Myanmar, Statements and reports by Myanmar
Human Rights Council: Special Session on Myanmar, Statements by goverments
Human Rights Council: Special Session on Myanmar, Statements by NGOs
Human Rights Defenders
Human Rights dimensions of information dissemination and control
Human Rights Education
Human Rights Education
Human rights issues, UN human rights bodies and mechanisms
Human rights organisations, networks: resources, training, methodology and other links
Human rights policies of various actors in Burma/Myanmar
Human Rights Reporting (global, regional and Myanmar)
Human Rights Watch Reports on Burma/Myanmar
Humanitarian assistance
Humanitarian assistance - emergencies
Humanitarian assistance in Burma/Myanmar -- guidelines, regulations etc.
Humanitarian assistance to Burma -- contact lists and mixed content
Humanitarian Assistance to Burma/Myanmar
Humanitarian assistance to migrant workers from Burma
Humanitarian assistance, international standards and principles
Humanitarian organisations, NGOs
HURFOM and other human rights material about the Mon
Hydropower projects
Hydropower projects