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S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
Sagaing Division
Sagaing Division
Sagaing Region
Salon (Moken, Sea Gypsies)
Sample State, UN and stakeholder UPR documents
Sanctions - general
Sanctions and/or engagement
Sand mining and trade
Sand mining and trade - Burma/Myanmar
Sand mining and trade - global and regional
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
Science and technology
Sea-level rise, Burma/Myanmar
Search of news selections (text only) from "The New Light of Myanmar" 1998-2003
Search results for "Blog Myanmar OR Burma" plus lists of Burma/Myanmar blogs
Searches, reports and other documents about the UNFC
Searching and downloading - Burma and beyond - databases, search engines etc.
Secondary education
Secretary-General's Good Offices on Myanmar (home page)
Self-Determination, Right to
Sessions of all three hluttaws
Several biographies
Several biographies
Several Groups
Sex industry
Sex work
Sex workers
Sexual orientation - Discrimination based on
Sexually-transmitted diseases
Shan (cultural, historical, political) articles
Shan (cultural, political, historical)
Shan Drug Watch Newsletter
Shan Historical Documents
Shan history
Shan Human Rights Foundation Monthly Reports
Shan Human Rights Foundation Website
Shan National League for Democracy
Shan National League for Democracy (SNLD)
Shan refugees in Thailand
Shan State
Shan State
Shareholder and other action on corporate involvement in Burma
Shifting ("swidden", "jhum", "taungya") cultivation
Shifting ("swidden", "jhum", "taungya") cultivation - Burma/Myanmar
Shifting ("swidden", "jhum", "taungya", "kaingin") cultivation - regional and global
Ship building
Short stories (commentaries)
Short stories (texts)
Shwe gas field and pipeline -- reports and articles
Singapore-Burma relations
Singaporean investment
Single Groups
Sites Web/groupes/association de soutien
Slogans and exhortations from "The New Light of Myanmar"
SLORC period (1988-1997)
SLORC-SPDC period 1988
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
Smallholder farming and farmers in Burma/Myanmar
Smuggling apart from drugs
Smuggling of people
Smuggling of people - Burma-Myanmar related
Social and community organizations
Social and cultural heritage
Social and Cultural History
Social issues (under construction)
Social science methods - Burma/Myanmar focus
Social science methods - global/international
Social studies of Burma
Society and Culture
Society and Culture, Burma/Myanmar - general studies
Society and Culture, global - general studies
Solar energy
Solar power
Sophia University, Tokyo
Sophia University, Tokyo, documents and links
Sources of the pdf versions of "The [Global] New Light of Myanmar", "Kyemon" ("The Mirror") and "Myanmar Alin"
South Korea-Burma relations
SPDC - general studies
SPDC Cultural Perspectives
SPDC detention facilities
SPDC Period 1997-2011
SPDC statistics
SPDC: various lists, speeches, seminars and articles
Special Economic Zones (SEZs)
Special Procedures
Special procedures (reporting to the HRC and GA)
Special Procedures - general
Specialist organisations and resources
Specific areas of health care
Sr. General Than Shwe
Staff and command positions
Standards, mandate and legislative authority of the UPR
State constitutions drafted by non-Burman nationalities
State Counsellor's Office
State Economic Enterprises
State forests
State-Society relations
State-Society relations - Burma/Myanmar and the region
State-Society relations - Kingship
State-Society relations -- general
Statelessness in Burma/Myanmar
Statelessness: general studies and reports
Statelessness: specialist organisations and resources
Statements and documents submitted to the GA by Myanmar
Statements and reports by Myanmar at regular sessions of the Human Rights Council
Statements and reports by the Special Rapporteur on Myanmar and the High Commissioner for Human Rights to regular sessions of the Human Rights Council
Statements and reports on Myanmar at regular sessions of the Human Rights Council
Statements and reports on Myanmar by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights plus replies by Myanmar
Statements by governments to the CHR
Statements by the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar
Statements on Myanmar by governments to regular sessions of the Human Rights Counci
Statements, reports, press briefings and webcasts on Myanmar by fact-finding entities mandated by the Council
States and Regions (covering more than one State or Region)
Statistics, profiles, general information etc. on Burma/Myanmar
Statutory law applicable to non-Burman or non-Buddhist peoples
Stone, limestone and silica mining
Student actions in 1988
Student actions in 2015
Student actions/movements
Student activism in Burma
Student Groups
Studies of the Independence and Parliamentary periods
Studies of the regional environment
Studies on the Burmese economy by individual Burmese economists
Study of internal displacement/forced migration in SPDC-controlled areas
Sub-national administrative areas - general
Subcommission on Human Rights
Substance abuse
Support groups for non-burman peoples of Burma
Sustainable agriculture
Sustainable agriculture - Burma/Myanmar
Sustainable agriculture - global and regional
Sustainable development
Sustainable development
Sustainable/alternative development in and for Burma
Sustainable/ethical tourism
Sustainable/ethical tourism (international)
Sustainable/ethical/responsible tourism (Burma/Myanmar)
SWAN - Shan Women’s Action Network Newsletter
Switzerland-Burma relations
Systeme des Nations Unies