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Wa (cultural, political, economic)
Waseda University
Washington University
Water bodies (global. regional)
Water in Burma - water security and water bodies (including coastal waters)
Water resources of Burma/Myanmar
Water security (global, regional)
Water security in Burma/Myanmar
Water security in Burma/Myanmar
Water, including dams
Watersheds of Burma/Myanmar
Weekly magazines
Weekly magazines - composite summaries
Wetlands (Burma/Myanmar)
Wetlands (Burma/Myanmar) coastal wetlands
Wetlands (global and regional)
Wetlands (global and regional) description
Wetlands - international standards and mechanisms
WFP (World Food Programme)
Wheat and other grains
Wikileaks searches and browses
Wisconson-Madison University
Wizzar cults
Women and armed conflict
Women and armed conflict - Burma/Myanmar
Women and armed conflict - international standards, mechanisms and resources
Women and Child Rights Project (WCRP)
Women and Child Rights Project (WCRP)
Women and Child Rights Project, home page, articles and reports
Women and Politics in Burma/Myanmar
Women and the law
Women Blogs
Women migrant workers
Women of Burma -- bibliographies
Women refugees in Thailand
Women's Health
Women's rights
Women: discrimination/violence against
Wood Carving
Woodworking and Furniture
Working Group on Arbitrary Detention: Opinions/Decisions on Myanmar cases
Working Papers of the Technical Advisory Network of Burma
World Bank
World Bank
World Bank and its Watchers
World Bank Group
World Health Organisation (WHO)
World Trade Organisation
Written statements on Myanmar by NGOs to regular sessions of the Human Rights Council
Written statements to the CHR by non-governmental organisations