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<< and this is where Okkar's identity becomes 
 an important issue. No journalist can quote his material without knowing 
 who he is (regardless of his claiming that he is "a Karen elder", "a 
 Shan elder", "a Bangkok-based professor" or whatever). >>

According to Thomas Win, Myanmar Wedpage maker residing in Lural, Maryland,
and he is now in Rangoon working for intellegent agency and foreign ministary
to set up internet service and computer net-wroking, OKKA account is used by
several people from Rangoon and U.S.. Col. Hla Min is one of the OKKA's
account user from Rangoon.  The account has been opened by SLORC-SPDC embassy
in Washington, DC. 

"Myanmar" wed page is directly posted from Rangoon's tourist ministary even
though the wed page provider is in Maryland, U.S, about five blocks from
Thomas Win's resident. The wed page is connected to U.S. by over sea calls
from Rangoon. 

For more detail, please personal e-mail to Burma-Japan@xxxxxxx and attache
with above paragraph.

The Rangoon Post working group.
Washinton, DC and Maryland