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In a message dated 98-04-13 04:52:00 EDT, you write:

<< The Burmese government must be the only government in the world that 
 issues official press releases under a pen name. This is a practice 
 unheard of elsewhere in the world. So again, it would help a lot if the 
 press releases were were accompanied by a proper attribution. 
 Unfortunately, "the Myanmar Authority Concerned" is not a proper source. 
 The name of the person and/or department is required. Please note that 
 these are official press releases, not personal sources requesting 
 anonymity (I often quote anonymous sources, but only if I personally 
 know who they are, and trust their judgement and information, that's 
 usual practice for any media anywhere in the world).
 Bertil Lintner
 Bangkok >>

Dear Mr. Bertil Lintner,

     The only thing I can do is I will forward your mails to the person(s) who
send Information Sheets to me. If they add their sources more detailed I will
be able to reveal it. Otherwise... I can't do anything, I think.