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Student Sports Festival

Student Sports Festival
Perspectives, the NLM, Tuesday, 17 March 1998

In the endeavours being made for all-round national development, the State
Peace and Development Council is paying serious attention to moulding the
young minds to possess determination to preserve cultural heritage and
promote national prestige and nurturing them to be physically strong,
morally straight and mentally awake to meet their challenges when their
time comes.

The Student Sports Festival is one of the government's ambitious plans to
promote morale and morality of the youth and train students to be fit and
healthy, contributing toward materialization of the fourth social objective
"Uplift of health, fitness and education standard of the entire nation".

The festival being held in the states and divisions in turn is aimed at
achieving targets other than sports.  The objectives are: to help implement
the aim of the State "Myanmar Sports - the World to Conquer", to turn out
more fit and healthy students, to turn out more students with sporting
spirit, to contribute to sporting movements of the State, to promote the
standard of Myanmar sports and to turn out brilliant, selected Myanmar
athletes, and to further strengthen Union Spirit and patriotism.

This year, student athletes are to meet and compete in Haka, Chin State,
from 28 March to 8 April and preparations are now in full swing.

The government is today providing unprecedented support for promotion of
sports standard encouraging promising athletes.  Meanwhile, athletes are
reminded constantly that success in sports contributes toward upholding
national pride and honour and that maturity of nationalism and patriotism,
physical and spiritual steadfastness, and firm determination to win would
serve as the driving force to raise national prestige.

The current leadership, fully realizing the vital role of the youth in
national construction, is working very seriously for their all-round
development.  At the same time, youths are being nurtured with nationalism
etched in their hearts and fully equipped with physical and spiritual calibre.

As the Student Sports Festival is held with these expectations, it will
really turn out to be a national sports festival as part of today's
endeavours of the government to turn out intellectuals and intelligentsia
as the most basic means for human resources development.

Thinzar Khine, <Thinzar@xxxxxxxxxx>