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BP: Cheesman's statement irks army

Thanks for this posting.

Cheesman and an aid worker who were reportedly abducted by DKBA last 
Friday were returned safely to Thailand on Wednesday.

Now, Thailand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Thai's army 
chief were claiming their cerdits for the release.

In so doing, they have revealed very clearly that they were "behind the 
scene" of this episode. 

But, hold it, right there, guys. I hope you have not forgotten your very 
good friend, are you? If I were you, I would give more credit to Khin 
Nyunt(S-1 of SPDC) as he was the real mastermind behind all these. Very 
clearly, indeed, with the help from his "axe-handle" DKBA he was able to 
keep his promise for this release he made last week. Obviously, he must 
have kept his radio channel busy all this while last week. But, does he 
still think his policy of divide-and-rule and hiring an axe-handdle is 
going to work for ever? Not for long. Definitely not in the 21st 

Minn K Minn

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>Subject: BP: Cheesman's  statement irks    army chief
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>April 3, 1998
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>                                 BORDER
>              Cheesman's
>              statement irks
>              army chief
>              Aid worker 'has really disappointed us'
>              Wasana Nanuam
>              The army chief was yesterday apparently unhappy with an
>              Australian aid worker's statement that he had crossed the 
>              into Burma voluntarily.
>              Nick Cheesman, 28, and colleague Ms Ngamsuk
>              Rattanasathien, 30, returned to Thailand safely on 
>y. It
>              was earlier believed they had been abducted by 
>              Democratic Karen Buddhist Army guerrillas last Friday.
>              The DKBA insisted the two were invited into Burma to take
>              pictures of one of its bases damaged in a counter-raid by 
>              rivals from the Karen National Union.
>              "I don't believe it was an invitation. He (Mr Cheesman) 
>              forced at gunpoint to cross the border. His statement is
>              unacceptable. In that situation he can't say he was 
>              However, we are relieved he has been freed. And it shows 
>              can talk with Burma and the DKBA," said Gen Chettha
>              Thanajaro.
>              "The army and the army chief are upset over Mr Cheesman's
>              remark that we were too excited. Gen Chettha was really
>              worried about him. He has really disappointed us," said 
an =
>              source.
>              The source said Gen Chettha had asked Burmese military
>              officers to help negotiate with the DKBA for the pair's 
>              and had also sent Thai officers over to secure their 
>              "So if he insists he was invited, the army will file a 
>ge of
>              illegally leaving the country against Mr Cheesman," said 
>              source.
>              However, the army chief maintained no charges would be 
>              against Mr Cheesman.
>              But Gen Chettha said he would be warned against such 
>              because Thailand would be held responsible if something 
>              wrong.
>              "Although he has broken the law, we cannot punish him. 
But =
>              have to make him realise he can never do that again. It 
is =
>a bad
>              example. What if the DKBA had not freed him?"
>              Australian Ambassador to Thailand William Fisher 
>              thanked Gen Chettha for the army's effort in helping 
> the
>              release of Mr Cheesman.
>              The Foreign Ministry also claimed credit for the release.
>              "The army is a coordinator in the case. The army 
>              contacted Burma several times to seek his release. But we 
>              always behind the scene," said Deputy Foreign Minister
>              Sukhumbhand Paribatra, who inspected the border area on 
>              day the pair returned to Thailand.
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