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Inhumane cruelty against minority M

12 members of a family shot dead in Akyab?(The News Letter,March,'98)

A Muslim family consisting of 12 members including two women and two
children secretly made their way to Rangoon in a small mechanised fishing
boat by sea ruote in early February , 1998 as no Muslim is allowed to
travel to central Burma.
However, the engine of the boat went out of order and the boat was
intercepted by a SPDC petrol boat. Since then the fate of the arrested
persons has remained in mystry. Strong rumour has it that the patrol party
had not only looted the belongings of the Muslims but also secretly shot
dead all the family members after sexually assaulting the women.
It may be mentioned here that the ruling SPDC has restricted the travel
movement of Muslims in Arakan and none is allowed to go to central Burma.
Any one found violating the movement order is liable to a penalty of Kyats
250,000  or a jail term of maximum 14 years. Some 14  Muslims who were
caught at Taungup township of Arakan state while on their way to centrl
Burma were also reported to have been shot dead.( News Letter January, 1998