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ccraig@sorosny.org: Myanmar gives T

OK,  Let me get this straight.

DKBA launched raids on Thai soil.  
Thai had to ask permission from Myanmar's junta to kill the intruders
(DKBA) who committed murders on her soil ????
Who's running the show here?    

Simon Khin

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Subject: Myanmar gives Thailand OK to kill ethnic Karen troops
Date: 10 Apr 1998 10:51:57
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Japan Economic Newswire

Myanmar gives Thailand OK to kill ethnic Karen troops

BANGKOK, April 9 Kyodo

   Myanmar's junta has told Thailand that the Democratic Karen Buddhist 
Army (DKBA) is an illegal organization, and it has given Thailand a green

light to arrest and execute DKBA soldiers who launch raids on Thai soil, 
the Thai Foreign Ministry said Thursday.
   The ministry, in a statement, quoted the junta as saying it does not 
control the Karen rebels, who have launched a series of cross-border 
attacks on refugee camps controlled by a rival Karen group.  

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