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Another Incarnation? SLORC is the incarnation of the BSPP cohorts who have
ruined the country into one of the least developed in the world,  wasted
the resources, wrecked the country, deprived the people of their democratic
rights by not honouring the will of people in the 1990 election and kill
untold thousands since they took power in 1962 as Revolutionary Council.
The BSPP cohorts still pull the strings and made money for themselves even
after the SLORC took over. What happened to all the BSPP party funds after
the BSPP was abolished, there are several million BSPP members cotributing
money to the party coffers monthly which amounts to Millions of Kyats.
After the coup they disbursed millions of Kyats and BSPP properties like
motor vehicles, office properties etc to the ex cronies to start companies
and business that means they are stealing and misappropriating money from
the ordinary party members. Infact some of the officers in the Armed forces
actually questioned about what will happen to their contributions to the
BSPP. To cover this fact and to appease the Armed forces and the Government
personals they give away free land to every body in these services as if
they were the great benefactors to these personals. They know that some of
the Armed forces personal misuse their authorities by giving land to
friends and relatives, by ignoring these personals they put them into their
pockets and coerce them  when they need it. Now SPDC is the reincarnation
of both BSPP/SLORC which means they will further push Burma into more
troubled years. It is not the media outside Burma that concooted the news
reports, it is them who are lying to its own people and the world at large.
These people never tell the truth while they are quoteing the Lord Buddha's
teachings of five precepts in all their newspapers daily the papers contain
nothing but lies. The only truth in these papers are orbituaries, marriage
and birth notices. Bare faced liars like Ohn Gyaw and Able lied
Internationaly while Than Shwe, Khin Nyunt, Tin Oo and their likes lied
daily to the people including religious leaders and elderly in the country
every day on TV, radio and newspapers. Not intent with lying locally they
hired a PR firm from America to lie for them in the world giving these
people thousands of dollars while the people in Burma suffer the economic
hardships and live in wretched conditions. People like Ma Theingi ( I
wonder how much she get for that article maybe a plot of land, a car or
perhaps import license ) and the PR frontman ( thousands of dollars ) are
claiming that the hardships in Burma is  the result of Daw Su's call for
Economic  sanctions. The people in Burma have suffered for the last
thirtysix years under their heels and they BSPP/SLORC/SPDC are the one's
who are suffering now. Ne Win or any of their cohorts cannot travel abroad
( only to places with birds of thier own feather like Singapore, Malaysia
and Indonesia ) for medical treatment or visits like in the sixties and
seventies going to England and Switzerland wasteing millions, little on
medical treatment but mostly on betting horses and grayhound racings, the
attaches in England had to provide him with daily forcasts when he is
there. He is said to have rages when he did not get the forecasts on time.
The Western countries and Japan should be aware of how the BSPP have wasted
away the money from IMF,World Bank, loans from countries like Germany and
JICA loans, they should not support the present incarnation of BSPP the
SPDC. The people of Buma will not benifit from it. The American Government
provided millions of dollars for drug enforcements provided aircrafts,
helicopters, vehicles, chemicals and weapons, where did it end up? it ended
up for the use to kill its own people. The aircrafts provided were never
used for drug eradiction, the helicopters and vehicles for the Police ended
up in the Army and Airforce they are never actually used for the drug
eradication. Now they are lying through the Internet and freeCDs.

Mg Mg