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BKK Post, April 9, 1998. Rangoon ag

April 9, 1998. Rangoon agrees to refugee aid request

The Burmese military government has agreed to the United Nations High 
Commissioner for Refugees taking a greater role in caring for refugees 
who fled fighting inside Burma and taking refuge on Thai soil along the 
border, the army chief said yesterday.

Gen Chettha Thanajaro said he had talked to Burmese leaders, especially 
Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt, secretary one of the State Peace and Development 
Council, about the matter and they had no objection.

Moreover, they said Burma is ready to take the refugees back and will 
guarantee their safety, he added.

He said the UNHCR will from now on take over the care of refugees while 
the army will provide them safety and protect them from external