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Rumours does not amount to Democrat (r)


Nobody in the country (Burma) loves or respects the military dictatorship.
They never have and they never will. I was there (serving in the Air Force) in
1962, when Ne Win took over and I left the country in 1966, while the
Revolutionary Council and BSPP were still going strong.

In the early days of my short career, the Burma Army was considered the
foundation of Burma's Independence and people were hopefully loooking to the
future. Now, you are considered millstones around the necks of the people.

Everything you have done have been failures. Huge hotels and motels and office
buildings by themselves do not indicate a thriving economy. Vist Myanmar Year
is a joke. But, I am not launghing but crying. Because, in my heart I am
asking myself, how stupid can they really be???  When I was in Burma, there
were many people smarter than me. Most of them are still there. But Burma
still keeps doing the wrong things. Maybe it is because the smart people are
standing aside and the stupid people are in charge. How can you succeed this

Since the record indicates that BSPP/SLORC/SPDC have never done anything good
or acceptable to the people, we automatically take for granted that everything
bad about you is true. What is wrong with that????

As soon as you (the military government) accept the will of the people, you
will gain credibility and acceptance of the people. Then, you will have again
earned the love and respect of the people. The majority of the men and women
in uniform would like for this to happen soon. I know.

(I do not know who you or Col. Hla Min are. And I don't care. But since I am
DSA 1st Intake, I think I remember the name Ba Myint as 3rd or 4th Intake).
But tell you bosses (some of them may be my classmate) that it is time for