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RE- State Detects Sanction Laws (r)

It is too good to be relearned how the 13 original states that established a
government of the United States many years ago, of which the states retain
their sovereignty. It means each has supreme power. Again, it is noteworthy to
be reviewed "dual federalism" and "cooperatives federalism." In dual
federalism it clearly believes that the national government should be
interpreted narrowly. It means the constitution is a bridge between the states
and the federal government to cooperate actions at home and abroad. Look at
the Tenth Amendment, and it said, "The powers not delegated to the United
States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved
to the States representatively, to the people." In contrast to dual
federalism, the cooperative federalism wants all power to control the states. 

It must be something wrong if the State Department has only power to change
the brutal regimes' behaviors by ignoring the original ratification of the
United States. 

An attempt to separate Quebec by French speaking people from Canada was a good
lesson to learn once upon our time. To retain the union by sovereign states,
anywhere in the world, is not only transportation and communication
availability but also the state citizens' interests.

If we did not need state governments, why we did not abolish the state
governments in the past. Why?  

In order to change the most brutal dictators who kill, rape, and torture their
own citizens in Burma, only State Department action is not enough, even states
and cities are joining, we need the United Nations, and other world
communities to support the Burmese. The states and cities that impose sanction
against the regime in Burma are very much helping Burmese people orderly and

Millions of Burmese who are suffered under the junta are strongly encouraged
by the states and cities actions. They know who are friends and foes. When
they are freed, they will thank the states, cities, the State Department,
Congress, and president. 

Sometimes "blind capitalists" who believes making only profits in terms of
venture turn the world community in turmoil. Please do not forget why
Communists once became a popular regime in the world. 

In short, some who believe human rights is just phony and so it is needed to
be replaced with trades and money, in which no matter what kind of governments
are in powers to back the business communities, are too wrong. Without
security, justice, rights, freedom, and an elected government for a nation,
only being convenient foods and shelters for it (nation) never guarantees
further stability. The nation would rather be threw into devastation and
bloody wars. Careful and open mind will help us to understand how this world
is functioning. 

Thanks for your response

A law student 


 If these states and cities were acting to change the behavior of their
 domestic constituencies and NOT the behavior of foreign countries, then
 they would be acting constiutionally.  Unfortunatelly and as many of the
 legislators and City Councilmen have said, they are enacting selective
 purchasing laws to effect the behavior of BURMA or INDONESIA or NIGERIA or
 whatever nation is currently out of favor.  Clearly, this is the
 responsibility of the U.S. Stated Department, the FEDERAL Government.
 Alexander S. Williams