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Clarification re: Rangoon Post Work

     Clarification for query from Rangoon Post Working Group regarding 
     Burma Project publications:
     1.  Burma News Update is an occasional one-page faxed newsflash sent 
     mainly to non-regular burma watchers who don't have time to monitor 
     listservs etc. This service is also available on request via email to 
     2.  We don't know why your request for our magazine Burma Debate was 
     not answered.  Please address queries to their email: 
     burmad@xxxxxxxxxxxx or to their snailmail address: PO Box 19126, 
     Washington, DC 20036.

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Subject: Re: OSI: Burma News Update No. 54
Author:  RANGOONP <RANGOONP@xxxxxxx> at Internet-Gateway
Date:    4/14/98 4:11 PM

Burma Project, Open Society Institute
      Burma News Update No. 54 
      14 April 1998 >>

What's it? Is this a news letter for online or hardcopy, or both.?

We, The Rangoon Post working group, have never heard about it before. Maybe we
are behind the Burma's democracy movements even though we have been publishing
a news paper for two years. 

Colud some one expline to us what exactly it is. If it is a hardcopy or online
news letter, we are very much willing to receive it. Our mailing address is
The Rangoon Post, P.O.BOX 64, Rockville, MD 20848. Fax, (301) 984-6271, and E-
mail RANGOON@xxxxxxx 

Again, we have never been received "Burma Debate" too. We have been infromed
that OSI-Burma Project has been publishing a news letter, "Burma Debate", for
two years. Since then we have requested many times to the editor and
publisher, but we have not been responsed yet.  If you are the same group, we
again request you to mail us both Burma Debate and Burma News Update. We would
like to thank you for a million time for it.

Thank you.   

The Rangoon Post working group.