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Lawlessness-BWU's statement on sent

Another glaring example of the SLORC/SPDC's lawless rule.

1.     Daw San San's sentence is indeed a very sad and worrying issue as 
it goes to show what SLORC/SPDC can do what they like and when they like 

It seems there are no laws by which they govern , but just rules which 
they make up as they go along , to suit their purposes ... and 

"punishments" rather than judgements are meted out either by puppets in 
the guise of judges or blatantly by the military rulers themselves.

All Free Nations of the world --Please note our predicament , as things 
can only get worse from here on.

2.    Daw Aung San Suu Kyi herself may be in more danger than ever 
before, seeing how SLORC/SPDC is showing a change of hands at this 
stage. She is not only a strong and precious leader , but THE ONLY 
leader we have , who has the courage and foresight to oppose the 
military might of BURMA . Martin Luther King was a good leader who 
ahieved his dream of civil rights in the USA , but he was made a martyr 
before his dreams materialised. I have this Fear -- that Daw ASSK will 
be made a martyr through the hands of SLORC/SPDC.

All Free Nations of the world - You can help prevent such a thing from 
happening . We cannot afford to lose the only saviour we have.


>Date: 23 Apr 1998 18:03:10
>Reply-To: Conference "reg.burma" <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>From: bwunion@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: BWU's statement on sentence of Daw San San
>To: Recipients of burmanet-l <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>"Statement of the BWU on the long-term sentence of Daw San San"
>The Burmese Women Union (BWU) strongly condemns the long sentence of 
Daw San
>San, a 58 year-old woman MP of the National League for Democracy who 
>sentenced to 25 years imprisonment earlier this month. BWU also demands 
>State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) to release her immediately.
>Daw San San was arrested on October 28, 1997 for conducting an 
>with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on June 26, 1997. She 
>critical of the military regime when she talked about the National
>Convention and political dialogue between the NLD and the SLORC during 
>Daw San San is an NLD member and is the elected MP from Seikkan 
>Rangoon Division.  She was first arrested in November 1990 and was 
>to 20 years imprisonment under Penal Code Section 122, for 'high 
>She was, however, released on May 1, 1992 during an amnesty.  During 
>first detention, the military regime dismissed her as a Member of 
>and banned her from contesting any future elections.  The regime 
>and detained Daw San San under Section 10(a) of the 1975 State 
>Act in November 1997, but in April this year she was charged under the 
>Official Secrets Act. Daw San San was sentenced to seven years 
>for being accused of distributing false information domestically and
>internationally, but the term was increased to 25 years when she 
refused to
>pledge to refrain from political activities. No one has been allowed to 
>her since her sentencing.
>The long sentence given to Daw San San is an example of the repression 
>the NLD (the election-winning party) faces.  There is no freedom of 
>in Burma.  For merely speaking her mind, Daw San San has been arrested 
>put behind bars for 25 years.   
>The BWU is strongly concerned about Daw San San's condition in prison, 
>many abuses against women prisoners take place and health problems are
>common.  Female prisoners in Burma are usually mistreated and their 
>problems are ignored. Hundreds of women have been arrested and 
sentenced to
>long terms in jail in Burma's notorious prisons since the military 
staged a
>coup in 1988. 
>The BWU requests the international community to condemn the harsh 
>given to Daw San San and to help bring about the immediate release of 
>San San as well as other female political prisoners in Burma. 
>Central Executive Committee
>Burmese Women Union
>Date: April 23, 1998
>Burmese Women Union (BWU)
>P.O Box 52
>58000, Mae Hong Son
>Tel:053-611196, Tel/fax:053-611196.

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