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Chin Seminar, Ottawa, Canada

                     Chin Seminar

Dear friends of Chin,
                                March 24, 1998(Fri Day)

We are pleased to inform that the Chin Seminar is being 
organized in Ottawa, Canada from 29 April to 2nd May 1998. 
The main objectives of the Seminar are

a.  to strengthen unity among the Chin groups who 
    are working for restoration of self determination 
    and democracy within Union of Burma.

b.  to discuss and formulate strategies and future plan 
    for on-going democratic movement in Burma particularly 
    in Chin land

c.  to promote the role of the Chin's people struggle for 
    democracy and open society

d.  to find out means and ways of mass communication and 
    coordination between inside and outside movements.

e.  to seek support and solidarity toward the humanitarian 
    works and activities being carried out by various Chin 
    groups for victims of human rights abuse and internal 
    displaced persons who are living under the suppression 
    of military regime in Burma, and refugees who are taking 
    shelter in neighbouring countries of Burma.

f.  to promote culture, education and economic of Chin in 

Due to financial constraints, we were not able to invite 
everyone to come and participate in the seminar.

However, we would be very much appreciated your suggestions, 
opinions and comments which need to be discussed in the 
Seminar. Your suggestions can reach to us by emails and fax 
given below.

Organizing Committee
Ottawa, Canada

For details :
	Organizing Commmittee
	Fax	:    613-234 2485
	Email	:    vblian@xxxxxxxxxxxx