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Mizzima: Soldiers say they left the

Soldiers say they left the army due to little salary and beating by the

Aizawl: February 22, 2000
Mizzima News Group

Four Burma soldiers who were arrested by Mizoram police in India-Burma
border said that they left the army due to little salary and injustice
done to them in the army. The four army deserters told the police
investigation team in Champhai yesterday that their monthly salary is
too little even to survive. According to them, a soldier (with Private
rank) gets only Kyat 450 per month as salary. With current exchange rate
in the border, the amount is equivalent to Indian Rupees 70 only.

They also said that their officers treated them badly and the seniors
occasionally beat them. One of the soldiers showed his fresh injuries to
the police team, which he got due to beating by his officers.

The four Burma soldiers deserted their army outpost in Rid village of
Chin State of Burma on February 17. The local police arrested them the
same day near a border village in Champhai district of Mizoram State of

According to police sources, Mizoram State's Director General of Police
Mr. M.Tumsanga and Champhai Superintendent of Police Mr. K. Amonan
crossed the border to Rid village on February 19 to discuss with their
counterparts in Burma on the fate of the deserters.

Four Burma soldiers (Pvt Tun Linn Naung, 13, Pvt Win Kyaw, 18, Pvt Than
Thun, 25, and Pvt Soe Aye, 20) from Light Infantry Battalion No. 266 of
Burma army along with three G-3 assault rifles and ammunitions were
arrested by local police on February 17 after they deserted their army
post in Burma side.