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Individual Documents

Title: More Trouble Brewing for Mandalay Beer
Date of publication: December 2001
Description/subject: "The Burmese junta is suing Win Win Nu, the former operator of Mandalay Beer, for scaring off investors... Burmese businesswoman Win Win Nu has fallen afoul of Burma’s ruling military government for the second time. Recently, the Burmese generals have been blaming her for the country’s decline in foreign investments, claiming that she gave false information to foreign media. In order to cover up their illegal take-over of her company, the generals have opened a lawsuit against her on three counts for compensation of US $74.3 million and 94.6 million Burmese kyat at Rangoon Divisional Court. Once again, the Burmese generals, who are seeking to attract foreign investment into the country’s paralyzed economy, have shot themselves in the foot. In the eyes of foreign investors, some of whom are wary of entering Burma’s so-called open market, this is just another reason to stay away..."
Author/creator: Maung Maung Oo
Language: English
Source/publisher: "The Irrawaddy", Vol. 9, No. 9
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003

Title: Crimes Against the Economy?
Date of publication: June 2001
Description/subject: Burma's ruling junta is facing justice at The Hague-not, like erstwhile ally Slobodan Milosevic, for crimes against humanity, but for forcibly seizing control of a brewery.
Language: English
Source/publisher: "The Irrawaddy", Vol 9. No. 5 (Business section)
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003

Title: Constructive Engagement with Burma Sees Red Light
Date of publication: December 2000
Description/subject: "A compelling case has emerged which is of concern and needs attention in the region. The case refers to a joint venture in the Union of Myanmar (Burma) between a Singapore-based company, Yaung Chi Oo Trading, and the Ministry of Industry No. 1 of the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC). In 1993, the Union of Myanmar opened up its doors to foreign investment. The bankrupt Mandalay Brewery bubbled back to life. Mandalay Beer became a recognised brand name. A network of 40 pubs operated nationwide and it became the largest domestic taxpayer, generating revenue for the dilapidated state coffers. On November 11, 1998 the joint venture came to an abrupt halt when armed soldiers seized the brewery on the orders of the SPDC. The bank accounts of the partner were frozen and it was threatened with arrest for alleged misappropriation of funds soon after its final payment of $5.3 million..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Legal Issues on Burma Journal No. 7 (Burma Lawyers' Council)
Alternate URLs: The original (and authoritative) version of this article may be found on http://www.ibiblio.org/obl/docs/Legal%20Issues%20on%20Burma%20Journal%207.pdf
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003