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Taninthayi Division

Websites/Multiple Documents

Description/subject: This document provides a basic introduction to Taninthayi Division inculding information about topography and climate; population; inhabitants; languages and religion; formation of districts; townships and villages; forest, sown acreage and produce; significant products; interesting places; traditionnal and cultural festivals and TV retransmission stations.
Language: English
Source/publisher: MODiNS.NET
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 04 June 2005

Individual Documents

Title: The Economic Development in Southern Myanmar: How Local Mestizos Create a Stable and Strong Economic Development under Obstacles
Date of publication: 26 July 2015
Description/subject: "...After Myanmar government led by U Thein Seinhas committed for a political and economic reform in 2011, Japan International Cooperation Agency (from now, ‘JICA’) started helping Myanmar. In fiscal year 2012, Myanmar receive 227,930 millions of Yens, considering 39% of the total figure in Southeast Asia, in a form of technical cooperation such as training, participants, experts, study terms, provision of equipment. Also, JICA started granting an ODAin 2013. (JICA, 2015) More than that, the fact that Myanmar liberalized the economy and promised for a democratic transition have loosen the tension between itself and other international players. The international institutions welcome and have more activities with Myanmar more easily. The reduction of sanction from other countries means less trade restriction and more trading promotion including tax exemption. All these leads to a significant economic growth and a chance for Myanmar to catch up with other ASEAN countries before the ASEAN community starts at the end of this year. However, just like other developing nations, the growth concentrates on a few main cities. Mandalay, the ancient capital city locating in the north of Myanmar, has its border connecting to the Southern part of China. Recently, the Chi nese government has invested in the Kyaukpyu Special Economic Zone or Kyaukpyu SEZ focusing on the energy and petrol industry. Thus, Chinese government built the pipeline delivering gas to Yunan province. Also, The highway was built. This highway is the ma in linkage between China and northern part of Myanmar. Chinese capital and consumer products have been flowed to Mandalay. Recently, Mandalay is one of a few cities that are popular in investors’ eye...".....Paper delivered at the International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies: Burma/Myanmar in Transition: Connectivity, Changes and Challenges: University Academic Service Centre (UNISERV), Chiang Mai University, Thailand, 24-­26 July 2015.
Author/creator: Saibhorn Biboribankul
Language: English
Source/publisher: International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies: Burma/Myanmar in Transition: Connectivity, Changes and Challenges: University Academic Service Centre (UNISERV), Chiang Mai University, Thailand, 24-­26 July 2015
Format/size: pdf (154)
Alternate URLs: http://rcsd.soc.cmu.ac.th/web/Burma/home.php#
Date of entry/update: 03 September 2015

Title: Development in Taninthayi Division
Date of publication: 09 February 2005
Description/subject: This article on Taninthayi Division was originally printed in the New Light of Myanmar on February 9th, 2005, as part of a series leading up to and immediately following the celebration of Union Day on the 12th of February. The original text along with accompanying pictures and tables can also be found in the archive of the print edition of NLM in the On-line Burma Library at http://www.ibiblio.org/obl/docs2/NLM2005-02-09.pdf An article summing up recent developments in the whole country with accompanying statistical tables was published in NLM on Union Day, 2005, and is available at http://www.ibiblio.org/obl/docs2/NLM2005-02-12.pdf.
Author/creator: Thiha Aung
Language: English
Source/publisher: SPDC (News and Periodicals Enterprise, Ministry of Information, Union of Myanmar)
Format/size: pdf (1.8 MB)
Alternate URLs: http://www.ibiblio.org/obl/docs2/NLM2005-02-09.pdf
Date of entry/update: 09 August 2005