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"The Burma Code" Vol. I

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Title: "The Burma Code" Vol. I (full text)
Date of publication: 16 August 1955
Description/subject: Full text, including laws which have been repealed...Some text is illegible online with Firefox. Try Google Chrome, download and read offline.....INDEX OF LAWS IN VOL.I: Accountants Default Act, Public... (Adaptation of Laws) Order, 1948, Union of Burma... Anti-boycott Act... Burma Extradition Act ... Burma General Clauses Act... Burma Immigration (Emergency Provisions) Act... Burma Indemnity and V alidating Act, 1945... Burma Laws Act... Burma Laws (Adaptation) Act, 1940... Burma Passport Act... Burma Small Cause Courts Act... City Civil Court Act. Rangoon... Constitution Amendment Act, 1951 ... Contempt of Courts Act... Court Act, Rangoon City Civil... Courts Act, Contempt of... Destruction of Records Act... Disposal of Police Officers’ Estates Act... Extradition Act, Burma ... Foreign Recruiting Act ... Foreign Relations Act... Foreigners Act... Foreigners Act, Registration of... General Clauses Act, Burma... Identification of Prisoners Act... Immigration (Emergency Provisions) Act, Burma... Immoveable Property (Restriction) Act, Transfer of... (Incitement to Disaffection) Act, Police... Indemnity and Validating Act, 1945, Burma... Judicial Officers Protection Act ... Judiciary Act, Union... Laws Act, Burma... Laws (Adaptation) Act, Burma... M ilita ry Police Act, Union... Offenders Act, Young... Passport Ac t, Burma ... Pensions Act ... Police Act, 1945... Police Act, Rangoon ... Police (Incitement to Disaffection) Act... Police Officers' Estates Act, Disposal of... Present W a r Termination (Definition) Act, 1946... Prisons Act ... Prisoners Act, Identification of... Prisoners Regulation, state... Protection Act, Judicial Officers... Public Accountants Default Act... Public Servants Inquiries Act... Rangoon City Civil Court Act... Rangoon Police Act... Records Act, Destruction of... Registration of Foreigners Act... Small Cause Courts Act, Burma... State Prisoners Regulation ... Transfer of Immoveable Property (Restriction) Act... Union of Burma (Adaptation of Laws) Order, 1948... Union Judiciary Act... Union M ilitary Police Act... War Termination (Definition) Act, 1946, Present... Young Offenders Act.
Language: English, Burmese/ ျမန္မာဘာသာ
Source/publisher: Government of the Union of Burma
Format/size: pdf (11MB)
Date of entry/update: 10 August 2013

Title: "The Burma Code" Vol. I
Description/subject: This page contains the texts of most laws of Vol I which have not been repealed
Language: English
Source/publisher: Government of the Union of Burma via Burma Lawyers' Council
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 24 June 2005

Individual Documents

Title: The Burma Immigration (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1947
Date of publication: 13 June 1947
Description/subject: [This is the official text of the Act, Burma Act XXXI of 1947]... Though not originally intended to curb freedom of opinion and expression this law, along with the Electronics Act, the Import/Export Act and the Unlawful Associations Act, has been used against video journalists
Language: English
Source/publisher: Govt. of Burma ("The Burma Code" Vol. I)
Format/size: pdf (69K)
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003

Title: The Police Act, 1945
Date of publication: 19 March 1945
Description/subject: ‘WHEREAS it is expedient to amend and re-enact the law relating to the police in order to make it a more efficient instrument for the prevention and detection of crime; * * * 2 It is hereby enacted as follows: —
Language: English
Source/publisher: Government of the Union of Burma via "The Burma Code" Vol. I
Format/size: pdf (74K)
Date of entry/update: 22 July 2013

Title: The Contempt of Courts Act
Date of publication: 01 May 1926
Language: English
Source/publisher: "The Burma Code" Vol. I (Govt. of the Union of Burma)
Format/size: pdf (11K)
Date of entry/update: 17 March 2009

Title: THE BURMA LAWS ACT (1898)
Date of publication: 04 November 1898
Description/subject: India Act XIII, 1898 4th November, 1898...."...5. The President of the Union may, for administrative including revenue purposes,- (q) divide Upper Burma into divisions and each of these divisions into districts, and vary the limits of those divisions and districts, and (b) divide each of those districts into sub-divisions, each of those sub-divisions into townships and each of those townships into circles, and vary the limits of these sub-divisions, townships and circles. 6. For the purpose of facilitating the application of any enactment for the time being in force in any part of Upper Burma, any Court may construe the enactment with such alterations, not affecting the substance, as may be necessary or proper to adapt it to the matter before the Court..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Government of India
Format/size: pdf (49K)
Alternate URLs: http://displacementsolutions.org/?page_id=197 http://displacementsolutions.org/?p=20
Date of entry/update: 25 May 2011