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Wa (cultural, political, economic)

Individual Documents

Title: Wa Political Parties Call for Government to Lift Travel Curbs on Their People
Date of publication: 23 February 2018
Description/subject: "Two Wa political parties have asked the government to allow their people to move freely in northern Shan State after authorities blocked members of the ethnic group from traveling to Kyaingtong and Tachilek. Ethnic Wa in the two major towns have also been stopped from returning to their homes near Pangsang Township. Meanwhile, ethnic Wa students who have just finished exams at government schools have also been prevented from going back to their homelands, according to a joint statement released by the Wa Democracy Party and the Wa National Unity Party. “Blocking them from traveling benefits no one. We are asking the government to let our civilians travel,” said Nyi Palote, chairman of the Wa National Unity Party..."
Author/creator: Lawi Weng
Language: English
Source/publisher: Reuters via "The Irrawaddy"
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 24 February 2018

Title: Die Wa in Gefahr. Nach dem Opiumbann droht in der Special Region 2 eine humanitäre Katastrophe
Date of publication: 29 December 2005
Description/subject: In den Grenzregionen des Shan State im Nordosten Burmas, die seit 1989 unter der Kontrolle der United Wa State Army (UWSA) ist, werden 65 Prozent des gesamten Opiums des Landes angebaut. Trotz der Bereitschaft der Landwirte konnten wegen minderwertiger Bodenbeschaffenheit und klimatischer Bedingungen bisher noch keine Erfolg versprechenden Alternativen zum Opiumanbau realisiert werden. Seit dem kompletten Bann im Jahre 2005 werden tiefgreifende humanitäre Konsequenzen für die Region in Form von Menschenhandel, Armut und mangelnder Sicherheit befürchtet. keywords: ethnic minorities, Wa, Shan State, opium production, opium trafficking, resettlement
Author/creator: Michael Tröster
Language: Deutsch, German
Source/publisher: Asienhaus Focus Asien Nr. 26; S. 45-55
Format/size: pdf
Date of entry/update: 20 March 2006

Title: Unsettling Moves: The Wa forced resettlement program in Eastern Shan State
Date of publication: April 2002
Description/subject: "Beginning 1999 up to March this year (2002), hundreds of thousands of Wa people, who had impressed British travelers as 'exceedingly well-behaved, industrious, and estimable race', were forcibly moved to border areas adjacent Thailand. The report is about them, why and how they were uprooted, what happened to the native people where the Wa were forced to resettle and what the reader can do to help both categories of victims..." Important, timely and well-produced document, complete with maps and photos.
Language: English
Source/publisher: Lahu National Development Organization
Format/size: pdf (2.6MB)
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003

Date of publication: 1993
Description/subject: THE PROPOSAL: "We, the leadership of the United WA State Party (UWSP) and the United WA State Army (UWSA) propose to anyone who might be interested, that we eradicate opium growing and stop the production of heroin in all the territory controlled by the WA. This we are willing to do. It can be done very quickly. I have full authority to speak for the United WA State Party and the United WA State Army which has ample power to carry out this proposal... THE PLEA" The plea is a necessary part of the proposal. We need food for our people while we develop substitute crops. Our people are already so poor that to take away opium production without giving them food would mean starvation. Beyond that, we need help of every appropriate kind to make the transition from an opium-based economy to a new agricultural economy..."
Author/creator: Ta Saw Lu
Language: English
Source/publisher: United Wa State Party (UWSP) Foreign Affairs Department
Format/size: html (42K)
Date of entry/update: 23 July 2003