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Pyu kingdoms [100BC- 840AD]

Websites/Multiple Documents

Title: Prehistory: Prehistory of Burma, Pyu city-states and Mon city-states
Language: English
Source/publisher: Wikipedia
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 03 July 2014

Individual Documents

Date of publication: 2010
Description/subject: "During the last 100 years artistic relationships between the Pyu and Mon of Burma and the DvāravatÄ« Mon of Thailand have been frequently hinted at yet until recently these ideas had not been explored further. In light of contemporary re-search, and in particular, relatively stable access to Burma, there is renewed interest in the cultures which inhabited the region extending from Upper Burma through Lower Burma and into central and south-west Thailand during the first millennium CE. Conventionally viewed as distinct cultural groups, on reappraising archaeological and historical re-search associated with the Pyu, Mon and DvāravatÄ« it is now suggested that these communities were more closely linked than traditionally thought."
Author/creator: Charlotte Galloway
Language: English
Source/publisher: College of Arts and Social Sciences, The Australian National University
Format/size: pdf (535K-reduced version; 1.62MB-original)
Alternate URLs: https://www.google.com/url?q=http://journals.lib.washington.edu/index.php/BIPPA/article/download/10...
Date of entry/update: 24 October 2014

Title: From early Bama (Myanmar) up to the present Myanmar nation (ေရွးျမန္မာမ်ား၀င္ေရာက္ခဲ့ပံု)
Date of publication: 1998
Description/subject: Describes how the original Bama (Myanmar) people entered the present Myanmar country. The author argues that the early Bama (Myanmar) were unusually brave warriors who were skillful horsemen.. They invaded from the north-east into Upper Myanmar, then gradually entered central Myanmar, from Ywa-ngan (Shan State) to Kyaukse. They then settled in Kyaukse district, Minbu district and Bagan about AD 850.....Myanmar - History - Early History , Tagaung.....Key Words: 1. Tibeto - Burman, 2. Manshu, 3. Nansaw, 4. Pyu, 5. Thet, 6. Yunan, 7. Lashi, 8. Maru, 9. Meintha, 10. Yakhine.
Author/creator: BA SHIN, Col.
Language: Burmese/ ျမန္မာဘာသာ (Metadata: English and Burmese)
Source/publisher: "Myanmar before Anawrahta", 3rd ed,, Innwa Publishing House, via Washington University
Format/size: pdf (681K-reduced version; 2.7MB-original)
Alternate URLs: http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/BS0011.pdf
Date of entry/update: 21 October 2014

Title: History of Pre-Bagan Myanmar Kingdom
Date of publication: 1998
Description/subject: The author asserts that Pyu, Mon and Bama (Myanmar) people were organized and established as Tampadipa (Thanpyatate) Naingnan in the 10th century AD. Bagan was the centre of that state. Former kings who ruled before Anuradda (Anawrahta) in Bagan were Sawyahan Min and Kyaung Phu Min. Anawrahta, who ruled Bagan from AD 1044 - 1077 was a good leader and ably organized the state. Under his administration the country developed peacefully..... Myanmar History - Early period ... Tampadipa Naingnan (Pyu Period)
Author/creator: BA SHIN, Col.
Language: Burmese/ ျမန္မာဘာသာ (Metadata: English and Burmese)
Source/publisher: "Myanmar before Anawrahta", 3rd ed., Innwa Publishing House, via University of Washington
Format/size: pdf (234K-reduced version; 1.4MB-original)
Alternate URLs: http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/BS0012.pdf
Date of entry/update: 22 October 2014

Title: Pyu Feudal Period
Date of publication: 1998
Description/subject: These articles are chapters from Pyinya Tasaung Sarsaung. They relate Myanmar history before Anawrahta (pre-1044 AD). These articles were first published in a book under the title "Myanmar before Anawrahta's period" published by Bagan Publishing House in 1971. The third edition was published by Momin Sarpay and distributed by Innwa Publishing House in 1998. This article is one chapter in the book, and describes the second Pyu dynasty with Pyu capital city Thayekhitaya or Srikshetra. The Pyu had a developed civilization and their artifacts were excellent. They were civilized, but their kings were weak in defending their country. The Pyu king was overthrown by the Nansaw in AD 832..... Myanmar - History - Second Pyu Period (AD 500 - 832) , (5 - 9 Century), 2. Pyu, 3. Culture - Pyu...Key Words: 1. Srikshetra, 2. Beikthano (Vishnu).
Author/creator: BA SHIN, Col.
Language: Burmese/ ျမန္မာဘာသာ; (Metadata: English, Burmese)
Source/publisher: "Myanmar before Anawrahta's period", 3rd ed. , Momin Sarpay, Innwa Publishing House, via University of Washington
Format/size: pdf (369K-reduced version; 2.1MB-original)
Alternate URLs: http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/BS0010.pdf
Date of entry/update: 22 October 2014

Title: Ancient Myanmar Cities
Date of publication: 1993
Description/subject: Contents: (1) Ancient Beikthano City, by U Aung Thaw; (2) Ancient Hanlin City, by U Myint Aung; (3) Ancient Srikhetra, by U Sein Maung Oo; (4) Excavation of ancient Tagaung city, by U Than Swe; (5) New supporting evidence of Pyu culture, by U Aung Thaw..... Famous Myanmar archaeologists and research officers describe Pyu cities. "Ancient Beikthano City" was an excavation report written by U Aung Thaw, retired Director - General of Dept. of Archaeology. It describes Beikthano (Vishnu) as being near Taungdwingyi in Magwe Division, and flourished from about 1st century A.D until it was destroyed in the 5th century A.D. It was a very important early Pyu city. "Ancient Hanlin City", by U Myint Aung, research officer, Dept of Archaeology. Hanlin was a Pyu city 10 miles from Wetlet in Shwebo District, Mandalay Division. Hanlin city flourished between the 4th and 9th century A.D. Their coins had symbols and they are were literate. Buddhism developed early in Hanlin, but image worship was not evident. Hanlin city was burnt and destroyed in 9th century A.D. "Ancient Srikshetra", by U Sein Maung Oo, is an excavation report. The author led the excavation team and presents details about Srikshetra. Srikshetra was also an ancient Pyu city located just five miles southeast of Pyay (Prome). It flourished between the 5th and 10th centuries. Srikshetra shows association and contact with South India. The earliest inscriptions in Myanmar found thus far are at Srikshetra. Two gold plates were found in a villager, Maung Kan's field, and twenty gold leaves were discovered in a mound in Khin Ba's field. Buddhism flourished and image - worship developed. In the 10th century Srikshetra fell, to be replaced by the Burman state of Bagan in 11th Century. "Excavation of Ancient Tagaung City", by U Than Swe , research officer, is an excavation report of ancient Tagaung city located 127 miles north of Mandalay on the left bank of the Ayeyawady River. The excavation yielded evidence that Tagaung rose to become an important fortified city during Anawrahta's reign in the early Bagan period..."New Evidence of Early Pyu Culture", by U Aung Thaw is a report about new inscriptions from Hanlin and Srikshetra..... Subject Terms: 1. Archaeological Survey 2. Beikthano (Ancient Pyu city) - History 3. Culture - Pyu 4. Hanlin - Ancient Pyu City - history 5. Myanmar - history - early period 6. Pyu Civilization 7. Srikshetra- ancient Pyu city - history 5th - 10th century 8. Takaung- ancient Myanmar city - history.....(This document was placed on the Washington University site in 8 sections. OBL has consolidated these sections into an 8.7MB file. The original sections with the Washington.edu URLs are given as here Alternate URLs)
Author/creator: U Than Shwe, U Sein Maung Oo, U Aung Thaw, U Myint Aung
Language: Burmese/ ျမန္မာဘာသာ; (Metadata: English, Burmese)
Source/publisher: Ministry of Information, News and Periodicals Enterprise
Format/size: pdf (8.7MB-consolidated text)
Alternate URLs: http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/AR0001a.pdf (2.6MB)
http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/AR0001b.pdf (2MB)
http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/AR0001c.pdf (2.5MB)
http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/AR0001d.pdf (2MB)
http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/AR0001e.pdf (3.6MB)
http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/AR0001f.pdf (1.8MB)
http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/AR0001g.pdf (2.3MB)
http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/AR0001h.pdf (2MB)
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003

Title: The two brothers and Me
Date of publication: 1993
Description/subject: A brief history of Tagaung and the two brothers, Kanyarsawgyi and Kanyarsawnge, who allegedly founded Tagaung. The younger brother is believed to have been clever and connived to seize the throne from his brother. The tale suggests that the simple-minded do not usually succeed.....Subject Terms: 1. Myanmar essay... 2. Myanmar- history - early period... 3. Tagaung- history
Author/creator: Zawgyi
Language: Burmese/ ျမန္မာဘာသာ (Metadata: English and Burmese)
Source/publisher: "Collected Works of Saya Zawgyi", Vol.1, pp70-73, 1993, Union of Myanmar Literary and Journalist Organization via University of Washington
Format/size: pdf (179K-reduced version; 693K-original)
Alternate URLs: http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/ZG0010.pdf
Date of entry/update: 01 December 2014

Title: Myanmar: Three Histrical Texts of the Srikhetra Dynasty
Date of publication: February 1975
Description/subject: Article is about the Srikhetara Dynasty and is a thorough study based on three Myanmar sources: "U Kalar's Maharazawingyi"; "Mhannan Razawin"; and " Twinthin Razawin". Dr. Yi Yi describes the Srikhetra dynasty, then contrasts these historical sources for what they reveal about the Srikhetra Dynasty. These articles were published over a 9 month period in Shumawa magazine.....Subject Terms: Myanmar - History - Srikshetra period
Author/creator: Yi Yi, Dr.
Language: Burmese/ ျမန္မာဘာသာ (Metadata: English and Burmese)
Source/publisher: "Shamawa", Vol. 28, No. 332, pp33-40,1975-02, via University of Washington
Format/size: pdf (2.3MB-reduced version; 7MB-original)
Alternate URLs: http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/YI0006.pdf
Date of entry/update: 30 November 2014

Title: Ancient Beikthano City: An Historical View
Date of publication: 1966
Description/subject: "Critiques the excavations of Beikthano or Vishnu city. In this paper the author reviews contemporary Chinese records and finds that the Pyu were Tibeto - Burman and that their civilization developed in the 1st century AD. The 2nd Pyu dynasty had its centre in Srikshetra. It is a useful paper to read in the context of excavation reports by U Aung Thaw."
Author/creator: Ba Shin
Language: English
Source/publisher: Washington University
Format/size: pdf (1.5MB-combined version; 3.92MB-section 1a; 3.65MB-section 1b)
Alternate URLs: http://www.lib.washington.edu/SouthEastAsia/myanmar/pdfs/BS0001a.pdf
Date of entry/update: 11 October 2014

Title: Aspects of Burmese Culture
Date of publication: 31 December 1957
Description/subject: This paper was read at a conference on 31 December 1957. It summarizes contributions and achievements of Myanmar culture. The author evaluates the initial Pyu and Mon contributions to Myanmar language and literature, handicrafts, currency and coinage, weights and measures, festivals, then seeks to describe the essence of Myanmar spirit.....1. Myanmar Culture... 2. Pyu Culture... 3. Mon Culture... 4. Religious Architecture... 5. Lacquerware - Myanmar... 6. Myanmar Language... 7. Myanmar Literature... 8. Myanmar Drama..... Key Words: Myanmar, Mom, Pyu, lacquerware, Buddhist architecture
Author/creator: Lu Pe Win, U
Language: English
Source/publisher: "Journal of Burma Research Society", pp19-37 via Washington University
Format/size: pdf (862K-reduced version; 1MB-original)
Alternate URLs: http://www.lib.washington.edu/myanmar/pdfs/LP0001.pdf
Date of entry/update: 12 October 2014