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Burma UN Service Organization (BUNSO)
BUNSO represents the NCGUB at the UN.

Individual Documents

Title: Update on Burma situation: Targeting the National League for Democracy
Date of publication: 23 October 2003
Description/subject: "It's déjà vu all over again. Wounds suffered from a vicious campaign launched against it three years ago by the ruling generals have barely healed, yet the National League for Democracy (NLD) has become the target of the military once again. Around 2000, rallies were held nationwide to denounce the NLD and its members were forced out of the party through official harassment, persecution, and blatantly falsified legal charges. When Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was released from house arrest in 2001, things looked good, at least for a while. With NLD leaders touring all over the country and new young members joining the party, the NLD regained its strength. The Tabayin Massacre on 30 May disrupted that rapprochement as scores of NLD members and supporters became casualties in that premeditated attack. The generals who from time to time have vowed to eliminate the NLD are in the destructive mood again today. After detaining all leading NLD members and closing down NLD Offices, the generals have steadily and systematically been increasing pressure on the NLD rank and file. Local authorities and the military intelligence are asking party members to resign voluntarily from the NLD. Regional peace and development councils have even instructed the local police to frame civil or criminal charges against the "stubborn" ones and to jail them..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Burma UN Service Office (NCGUB)
Format/size: html (30K)
Date of entry/update: 24 October 2003