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Sagaing Division

Individual Documents

Title: Socio-economic Life of People in Myin - mu Township (1852-1885)
Date of publication: 26 July 2015
Description/subject: Abstract: "This study is based mainly on the money lending and mortgage deeds of the people living in the Myin-mu Township during the late Kon-baung period (1852-1885). It is also concluded some other related documents in this study, like, for example law suits, cour t decision, partitions of property among family members and other cases like breach of trusts. Such deeds and records so far collected for this study number over hundred. Why these documents appeared in the society are presumably because of economic difficulties and some other emergency cases due to political instabilities and maladministration of the local chiefs. As far as we know all money lending and mortgage deeds mere made between poor people and their hereditary chiefs and sometimes between the local chiefs and courtiers including the ministers and some lesser queens. They all can speak the relations between people of the grass-root level and local landowners. Most importantly, they can explain the general situation of the people. Indeed, the money lenders mortgagees were local hereditary chiefs who were accessible to the royal family. The study is to investigate the social changes taking place in accordance with the political and administrative changes. In brief this will highlight the actual situations of the then people.".....Paper delivered at the International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies: Burma/Myanmar in Transition: Connectivity, Changes and Challenges: University Academic Service Centre (UNISERV), Chiang Mai University, Thailand, 24-­26 July 2015.
Author/creator: Palè Aung
Language: English
Source/publisher: International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies: Burma/Myanmar in Transition: Connectivity, Changes and Challenges: University Academic Service Centre (UNISERV), Chiang Mai University, Thailand, 24-­26 July 2015
Format/size: pdf (246)
Alternate URLs: http://rcsd.soc.cmu.ac.th/web/Burma/home.php#
Date of entry/update: 07 September 2015

Date of publication: 2015
Description/subject: INTRODUCTION: "Crucial functions of policy analysis and policy implementation require concrete information to inform leadership as they continue to guide the country towards strategic goals. In order to support this process, the Government of Myanmar and UNDP agreed to conduct a local governance mapping. This report is the product of this mapping that captured the extensive input of government officers and staff, committee members, Ward and Village Tract Administrators, citizens, and service providers at the township level, and CSOs in four townships in Sagaing Region. The mapping seeks to examine the perception of governance from a citizen and serviceprovider perspective. It focussed on participation in public sector planning (how certain new laws, funds, and structures were addressing citizens and township priorities in priority areas), access to key basic services and accountability in local governance. Following this introduction and a brief discussion on methodology1 in chapter 2, the report provides an overview of governance institutions in Sagaing Region in chapter 3, including the relatively recent creation of the Naga SAZ and relevant governance and administrative systems. Chapter 4 provides information on the participating townships and Chapter 5 discusses planning processes in these townships, with attention to the linkages between communities and township administrations; the specific opportunities and challenges in the health, education and water supply sectors; and opportunities and challenges for information sharing, transparency and accountability. Chapter 6 closes the report with conclusions on participatory and responsive local governance in Sagaing Region. As such, the report combines information from both the township and community level, along with background information related to governance, planning and budgeting systems critical to inform discussions about identifying priorities and addressing service delivery at township level."
Language: English
Source/publisher: UNDP Myanmar
Format/size: pdf (3.3MB)
Alternate URLs: http://www.mm.undp.org/content/dam/myanmar/docs/Publications/PovRedu/Local%20Governance%20Mapping/U...
Date of entry/update: 04 February 2016

Title: Directory of Cities and Towns in Sagaing Division, Burma
Description/subject: Alphabetical listing of Places in Sagaing Division
Language: English
Date of entry/update: 24 December 2010