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BCIM (Kunming Initiative) - commentary

Individual Documents

Title: BCIM News (14 January 2008)
Date of publication: 14 January 2008
Description/subject: "The Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Forum (BCIM) for Regional Economic Cooperation, of which ICS is the liaison office for India , is committed to the enhancement of connectivity between East and Northeast India , and Bangladesh , Myanmar and China 's southwestern province of Yunnan . A number of initiatives are currently afoot to improve transport connectivity in the region for the promotion of trade and tourism (exemplified in the proposed Kunming to Kolkata Overland Car Rally), as well as the level of people-to-people contacts..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi
Format/size: pdf (12K)
Date of entry/update: 25 February 2008

Title: The Kunming Initiative: Going Beyond Governmental Reluctance
Date of publication: 14 January 2008
Description/subject: "The Kunming Initiative, a Track II sub-regional organization that includes Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar (BCIM), was born out of the attempts to link the development plans of the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan to India's Look East policy. What is now Bangladesh, Northeast India, Myanmar and Yunnan were a few centuries ago much more integrated culturally, politically, and economically than they are today. Colonial borders literally fenced up the region, making it difficult for people and goods to move, undermining future political relations between the four countries. The area still is witness to irredentist claims and face various insurrections. To revive landlocked areas that once, straddled the southern Silk Route and used to see throngs of merchants, the Kunming Initiative signed on 17 August 1999 innovates in several regards..."
Author/creator: Julien Levesque
Language: English
Source/publisher: Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 21 December 2010

Title: Enhancing co-operation among BCIM In Relation to Scientific, Educational, Cultural, Academic and Social Exchanges
Date of publication: 07 May 2007
Description/subject: "This presentation on issues relating to scientific, educational, cultural, academic and social exchanges among BCIM countries has three interrelated themes: (1) First, it considers means to enhance the public visibility of BCIM as a regional economic initiative. (2) Second, it considers means for enhancing the public visibility of the Overland Car Rally, Kunming to Kolkata, projected for November 2007. (3) Third, in the context of the overall under-development of countries in the BCIM region, it emphasizes the need for enhanced cooperation beyond the purely economic realm, especially in fields connected with human and social development..."
Author/creator: Patricia Uberoi
Language: English
Source/publisher: Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi
Format/size: pdf (43K)
Date of entry/update: 25 February 2008

Title: 4-Nation Economic Forum Unborn for the Lack of New Delhi Support
Date of publication: 22 March 2005
Description/subject: Chittagong, March 22: "The Kunming initiative to form an economic forum with Bangladesh, China, India and Burma (BCIB) fell flat for the lack of New Delhi support, said Chinese Ambassador Chai Xi on 20th March 2005 at a roundtable meeting held in Dhaka. The initiative is named after Kunming, a Chinese city, where the first meeting was held in 1999. Though it was taken by non-governmental bodies, the Kunming initiative was expected to result in an inter-governmental organization..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Kaladan Press
Format/size: html (11K)
Date of entry/update: 23 March 2005