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Burma's economic relations with Denmark

Individual Documents

Title: Special Economic Measures (Burma) Regulations, SOR/2007-285
Date of publication: 13 December 2007
Description/subject: INTERPRETATION [1.] -LIST [2.] 2.Designated person -PROHIBITIONS [3. - 13.] 3.Export 4.Import 5.Assets Freeze 6.Technical data 7.(1)Investment — property in Burma held by or on behalf of Burma or national of Burma not ordinarily resident in Canada 7.(2)Investment — property held by or on behalf of a person in Burma 7.(3)Property 8.Financial services 9.Docking — ship registered in Burma 10.Docking — ship registered under an Act of Parliament 11.Landing in Canada 12.Landing in Burma 13.Prohibition -DUTY TO DETERMINE [14.] 14.Determination -DISCLOSURE [15.] 15.(1)Report 15.(2)Immunity -APPLICATION TO NO LONGER BE A DESIGNATED PERSON [16.] 16.(1)Petition 16.(2)Decision 16.(3)Presumption 16.(4)Notice 16.(5)New application -APPLICATION FOR A CERTIFICATE [17.] 17.(1)Mistaken identity 17.(2)Certificate — time frame -EXCLUSIONS [18. - 19.] 18.Import and export 19.Financial services -APPLICATION PRIOR TO PUBLICATION [20.] 20.Application -COMING INTO FORCE [21.] 21.Registration SCHEDULE
Language: English, Francais/ Français
Source/publisher: Canadian Legal Information Institute
Format/size: html
Alternate URLs: http://www.canlii.org/fr/ca/legis/regl/dors-2007-285/derniere/dors-2007-285.html (Français)
Date of entry/update: 13 October 2010

Title: The Danish Burma Teak Report
Date of publication: March 2004
Description/subject: "..a report on the huge Danish import of teak from Burma and about the importers, misinformed customers and eyewitnesses to the destruction of the country with the highest rate of deforestation in South East Asia... This report is a result of conversations with Danish importers and retailers of teak from Burma, research among Burma NGOs in Chiang Mai (Thailand), and research over the Internet. Other sources that have also been contacted are Global Witness (London), Burma Centrum Netherlands (Holland), Nepenthes (Denmark) and World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) among others. The report uses the term ‘Burma teak’. This refers to teak that was grown in Burma, and does not refer any teak of high quality no matter its country of origin. The identity of some sources in the timber industry, the marine industry and a number of organisations remain anonymous because we found it of higher importance that the information was revealed than their names made public... Table of contents: Section 1: Danish import of Burma teak: 1A): Denmark holds the EU record; 1B): How does the Burma teak get to Denmark? 1C): How do we use Burma teak? 1D): Is it harmful?... Section 2: The importers: 2A): Dalhoff Larsen & Hornemann (DLH); 2B): Aalborg Trae & Finer; 2C): International Hardwood; 2D): International Veneer; 2E): Dansk Trælast and M&S Hindenburg; Section 3: The retailers... Section 4: References and other sources...
Language: English, Danish, Dansk
Source/publisher: Danish Burma Support Group , Danish Burma Committee.
Format/size: html
Alternate URLs: http://www.aif.dk/indhold/Burma/63-burmateak04uk.htm
Date of entry/update: 14 August 2004