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NLD Statements (English) 2006

Individual Documents

Title: NLD Statement 101/2000
Date of publication: 07 June 2006
Description/subject: "...Following the brutal and violent attack on the motorcade of the NLD General Secretary, which was on an organizing trip, near Tabayin, Sagaing Division, on 30 May 2003, although the authorities had claimed that it was a temporary measure, all NLD offices were all closed down. All these offices in the states and divisions, with the exception of the NLD headquarters, have remained closed until now...Neither the Political Parties Registration Law nor the Multiparty Democratic General Elections Commission Law gives the authorities the right or the responsibility to restrict, obstruct, close down political parties or to carry out efforts to destroy the parties. All acts committed without legal authority are unlawful. They are merely abuses of authority. Hence, after NLD members were lured with enticements and coerced, threatened, pressured, and forced to sign resignations by the authorities concerned, the Multiparty Democratic General Elections Commissions concerned had announced that certain elected representatives had resigned, that NLD party members had tendered resignations en masse at ceremonies, and that certain NLD offices had been closed down. These are totally unlawful acts under the laws mentioned above...That was the statement by the NLD stating that it will not abide by the orders since the restrictions imposed on the party are unlawful."
Language: English
Source/publisher: National League for Democracy (NLD)
Format/size: pdf (12K)
Date of entry/update: 20 May 2009