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SLORC-SPDC period 1988

Individual Documents

Title: The Endurance of Military Rule in Burma: Not Why, But Why Not?
Date of publication: November 2010
Description/subject: "...Although it is always possible that unforeseen events could dramatically recast the distribution of power inside Burma, the current military leadership is probably not one push short of capitulation to “pro-democracy” demands. The SPDC appears to have learned to manage the conflicts resulting from myriad pressures inside the country and from abroad.33 In this context, how would a “democratic opposition” (or more appropriately, “democratic oppositions”) bring about liberal political reform that advances the rights, protections, and interests of ordinary citizens and limits the arbitrary power of government? Short of an improbable capitulation to Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD, I suggest five possibilities:..."
Author/creator: Mary Callahan
Language: English
Source/publisher: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, D.C.
Format/size: pdf (220K)
Date of entry/update: 20 November 2010

Title: A Historical Overview of Political Transition in Myanmar Since 1988
Date of publication: August 2007
Description/subject: "The issue of political transition in Myanmar has generated scholarly interest and debate on the nature and outcomes of the whole process. Various questions have been raised about the on-going National Convention entrusted with the task of drafting a new constitution. Some scholars placed the political transition in the context of national reconciliation in Myanmar while others analyzed it within the conceptual framework of democratization. A recent article by Robert Taylor examined the domestic and international political environment in which the National Convention is being conducted to draft the third constitution for Myanmar. He neatly described the bumpy road that Myanmar had gone through so far and he offered a cautiously optimistic view about the further steps in the process.1 This paper provides a historical overview of the political transition process in Myanmar since 1988. It highlights the missed opportunities and argues that the Tatmadaw's (Myanmar armed forces) position on the political transition in Myanmar has changed from a bystander to a key player. This paper studies the political circumstances that led to the holding of the National Convention and drafting of a new constitution in Myanmar. It will look at the nature of political executive that the new constitution will produce for Myanmar in future..."...Keywords: Myanmar; Burma; Tatmadaw; elections; SPDC; Southeast Asian politics
Author/creator: Maung Aung Myoe
Language: English
Source/publisher: Asia Research Institute Working Paper Series No. 95
Format/size: pdf (215K)
Alternate URLs: http://www.ari.nus.edu.sg/docs/wps/wps07_095.pdf
Date of entry/update: 12 March 2010

Title: "Inside Burma Land of Fear" (video)
Date of publication: 1996
Description/subject: "John Pilger and David Munro go undercover in one of the world's most isolated, and extraordinary countries, Burma, which Amnesty International calls 'a prison without bars'. They discover slave labour preparing for tourism and foreign investment. International Actual Award for Risk Journalism, Barcelona, Spain, 1996; Bronze Plaque in the category of 'Social Issues - International Relations', The Chris Awards, Ohio, 1996; Gold Special Jury Award, 'Film & Video Production division', WorldFest-Charleston, 1996; Award for Best Factual Programme, RTS Midland Centre Awards, Birmingham, 1996; Gold Apple in the category 'Politics: Social organisations in other lands', National Educational Media Network Film & Video Competition at The 1997 NEMN Apple Awards, Oakland, California, 1997; the updated version won a Gold Special Jury Award in the 'Film & Video Production division', WorldFest-Houston, 1999."...The original version disappeared from the Internet. We retain the original metadata for this Youtube version [October 2017]
Author/creator: John Pilger, David Munro
Language: English
Source/publisher: Carlton Films (UK)
Format/size: Adobe Flash (51 minutes) Download and play unless you have a fast connection)
Date of entry/update: 24 October 2017