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Flora of Burma's forests

Individual Documents

Title: The Forests of Burma
Date of publication: 01 December 1960
Description/subject: "The forests of Burma are one of its greatest nat- ual resources because they cover large areas and many of the trees and other plants in them have been used for timber, fire wood, and many other products. The forests are also useful because many of them are important in the conservation of water, soil, and animal life resources. The kinds and conditions of the forests and other woody vegetation need to be known so that they will be more properly used, managed, conserved and enjoyed by the people of Burma. Botanical information about them and an understanding of the climatic, soil, water and other conditions of the habitats of each type are needed, particularly by students of biology, agriculture, and forestry, so that they may do their part in using, managing and conserving these great resources. The following is a short compilation of information about the botanical and environmental features of the various types of forest and other woody vegetation that the writer hopes will be useful to both students and other citizens of Burma..."
Author/creator: John H. Davis
Language: English
Source/publisher: University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, U. S. A.
Format/size: pdf (1.5MB)
Date of entry/update: 23 July 2012