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Flora of Burma/Myanmar

Individual Documents

Title: Studying Orchids, Enriching Lives
Date of publication: 09 August 2018
Description/subject: "This Karen language report details women-lead orchid research lead by the indigenous Karen women in the community with assistance from KESAN's women research group. The research was conducted in two community forests, Kheshorter and Thawthee Pwawghaw, in the Salween Peace Park. By using their indigenous knowledge, the women research group documented 121 species of orchids from 37 families, with 77.5% of the species that are prohibited species on international trade. This report aims to increase the Karen peoples' knowledge of various type of orchids that inhabit in both their community and other areas, and increase environmental and cultural knowledge among the Karen community, such as basic good governance for environment, forest, ancestral land, livelihood, culture and self determination. Finally, this report also aims to encourage more community based biodiversity and cultural research. Hard copies are available with small price. This is to support the women researchers to continue with more biodiversity research in their community. Please contact info@kesan.asia or media@kesan.asia to get the hard copies. You can also make a small donation to support the women research project..."
Language: Karen
Source/publisher: Kesan
Format/size: html, pdf (8.7MB)
Alternate URLs: http://www.kesan.asia
Date of entry/update: 29 October 2018

Title: Tree Nursery Manua
Date of publication: 19 January 2018
Description/subject: "Tree nurseries give us the way to grow lots of the kinds of trees that make the forests, as well as our farmlands and gardens, rich with useful plant species again. Valuable hardwoods for building or furniture, fast growing trees for firewood and rebuilding soil fertility, fruit trees for delicious food and income generation, and plants like rattan and bamboo for weaving, tool-making and countless other uses..."
Language: Karen
Source/publisher: KESAN
Format/size: html, pdf (3.7MB)
Date of entry/update: 05 November 2018

Title: Biodiversity and Protected Areas - Myanmar
Date of publication: 1999
Description/subject: Major Category: Natural Resources Management Sub Category: biodiversity/protected areas conservation sector policies/programmes---BACKGROUND: Country profile; Biodiversity--- BIODIVERSITY POLICY--- BIODIVERSITY LEGISLATION: State law; International conventions--- CATEGORIES OF PROTECTED AREAS--- INSTITUTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS: State management; NGO and donor involvement; Private sector involvement--- INVENTORY OF PROTECTED AREAS--- CONSERVATION COVER BY PROTECTED AREAS--- AREAS OF MAJOR BIODIVERSITY SIGNIFICANCE--- TOURISM IN PROTECTED AREAS--- COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION--- GENDER--- CROSS BOUNDARY ISSUES: Internal boundaries; International borders; Cross border trade--- MAJOR PROBLEMS AND ISSUES
Author/creator: Clarke, J.E.
Language: English
Source/publisher: Regional Environmental Technical Assistance 5771 - Poverty Reduction & Environmental Management in Remote Greater Mekong ubregion (GMS) Watersheds Project (Phase I)
Format/size: html, 23 pages; pdf(102K)
Alternate URLs: http://www.burmalibrary.org/docs22/0002035-environment-biodiversity-and-protected-areas-myanmar.pdf
Date of entry/update: 18 August 2003

Title: The Ferns of Burma Vol: XLVI
Date of publication: May 1946
Description/subject: Burma, with rainfalls in its various districts of 20 to 225 inches from June to October and with habitats from sea level up to 18,000 feet, has a very rich fern flora. The country is so located that many fern of both the China-Himalayan and the Malayan regions occur in the country. This article, originally published in the Ohio State Journal of Science in May 1946, catalogues over 400 different ferns belonging 104 genera discovered in the period up to the Second World War. The writer, Frederick Garrett Dickason, personally collected over 325 kinds of ferns in various parts of Burma which were on display in the Herbarium of Judson College in Rangoon where he taught for many years. A useful map accompanies the article.
Author/creator: Frederik Garrett Dickason
Language: English
Source/publisher: Ohio State University and The Ohio Academy of Science
Format/size: pdf (2.32 MB)
Alternate URLs: http://www.ibiblio.org/obl/docs2/ferns.pdf
Date of entry/update: 27 June 2006

Title: Flora of Burma
Description/subject: 65pages in category "Flora of Burma".
Language: English
Source/publisher: Wikipedia
Format/size: html
Alternate URLs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wildlife_of_Burma#Flora
Date of entry/update: 20 September 2010