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Mangrove swamps: articles and reports referring to Cyclone Nargis

Websites/Multiple Documents

Title: Cyclone Nargis and its aftermath
Description/subject: Link to a top-level category in OBL
Language: English
Source/publisher: Online Burma/Myanmar Library
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 18 July 2012

Title: Results of a search for "Myanmar OR Burma" on the Mangrove Action Project site
Description/subject: 213 results (separate searches produced 141 results for "Myanmar" and 144 for "Burma"); 51 results for "Nargis"...From 2002. Results grouped by relevance
Language: English
Source/publisher: Mangrove Action Programme (MAP)
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 15 July 2012

Individual Documents

Title: The Changing Risks and their underlying causes in climate of myanmar
Date of publication: 25 July 2013
Description/subject: Dr. Tun Lwin Former Director-General Former P.R. of Myanmar with WMO, Consultant, Myanmar Climate Change Watch Technical Advisor, RIME
Author/creator: Dr. Tun Lwin
Language: English
Source/publisher: Dr. Tun Lwin Former Director-General Former P.R. of Myanmar with WMO, Consultant, Myanmar Climate Change Watch Technical Advisor, RIME
Format/size: pdf (3.4MB)
Date of entry/update: 12 May 2018

Title: The Mangrove Forests: Burma’s Best Bio-defense
Date of publication: September 2008
Description/subject: U Ohn is the general secretary of the Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association (FREDA), one of a handful of Burmese nongovernmental organizations dedicated to protecting the country’s forests Environmentalist U Ohn (Illustration: Harn Lay/ The Irrawaddy)... Question: Cyclone Nargis destroyed many mangrove forests in the Irrawaddy delta. What was the impact of the storm on biodiversity in the region? Answer: The cyclone caused a tidal surge which was up to 20 feet (6 meters) high. Almost 100 square miles (260 square km) of land was flooded and turned into a virtual sea. Meinmahla Island, for instance, was completely covered by seawater, but then resurfaced after the cyclone. The biodiversity of the mangrove forests, sea-grass beds and coral reefs was severely impacted. A large number of plants and animals, including trees, fish and even turtles and crocodiles, were killed in the deluge. Q: What consequences do you foresee if the destruction of the mangrove forests continues? A: If the mangrove forests disappear, the impact of similar disasters in the future will be immense..."
Author/creator: Interview with U Ohn
Language: English
Source/publisher: "The Irrawaddy" Vol. 16, No. 9
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 13 November 2008

Title: Myanmar mangroves must be replanted to bolster ecosystem: IUCN
Date of publication: 23 May 2008
Description/subject: "Mangroves and other natural barriers must be urgently restored in cyclone-stricken Myanmar to bolster flood defences against any future catastrophe, environmental group IUCN warned Friday..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Earth Science News
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 14 July 2012

Title: Mangrove Destruction Put Myanmar at Risk
Date of publication: 09 May 2008
Description/subject: Interview with Jeff McNeely, Chief Scientist for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. In text and in audio file.
Language: English
Source/publisher: Living On Earth
Format/size: html, audio
Alternate URLs: http://stream.loe.org/audio/080510/080509mangroves.mp3
Date of entry/update: 20 September 2010