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Burma/Myanmar's relationship with the Global Economy

Individual Documents

Title: Myanmar’s Integration with Global Economy: Outlook and Opportunities
Date of publication: 05 March 2014
Description/subject: Abstract: "The first phase of BRC Research Report was published in 2013 entitled “Economic Reforms in Myanmar: Pathways and Pro spects”. The book was very well received and widely circulated throughout the region. This is the second phase of BRC Report entitled “Myanmar’s Integration with Global Economy: Outlook and Op portunities” To report and analyse further Myanmar’s integration with global economy, BRC commissioned eight chapters written by well - known regional scholars who are very familiar with updated development in Myanmar, to assess the outlook and opportunities facing Myanmar of the second phase of its strategy. What is the prospect for Myanmar in developing export - driven growth strategy after the lifting of sanctions by major Western countries? Would foreign direct investment (FDI) come to Myanmar following the introduction of new Foreign Investment Law to generate a much needed capital and technology to stimulate economic growth and employment? Equally important are the analyses of high - valued food production and supply chains and the role of Myanmar business c onglomerates in the context of economic, trade, and investment liberalization. Would FDI and competition from multilateral companies in Myanmar domestic economy create the necessary economic benefits to generate economic competition and efficiency necessar y to accelerate the rate of economic development and employment? Chapters are intended to provide clear explanation s and analyse s of various interrelated changes that may have perceptible implications to the second phase of Myanmar economic reform. A chapt er on transition from informal to formal foreign exchange transactions was analy s ed based on evidence from export firm survey data. It is a bold attempt to provide clear implications to Myanmar’s fragile financial and banking sector as a result of liberali zation and deregulation of foreign trade and stabilization and the measured de - regulation of foreign exchange market. Two chapters were written on Myanmar’s changing external political and economic relations with China and India which would have important implications to the process of Myanmar’s economic reforms and development."
Author/creator: Hank Lim and Yasuhiro Yamada
Language: English
Source/publisher: IDE-JETRO
Format/size: pdf (246K)
Alternate URLs: http://www.ide.go.jp/English/Publish/Download/Brc/13.html
Date of entry/update: 16 June 2014