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Customary laws related to justice

Individual Documents

Title: The Economics of Justice - Chapter XI of "The Economics of the Central Chin Tribes"
Date of publication: 1943
Description/subject: CHAPTER XI. The Economics of Justice: "The motivation of obedience to custom - objective examination of the Chin viewpoint essential - the three types of offences: offences against the person, offences against property and property rights, offences against the spirits and against spiritual values - the traditional Zahau fines - disposal of fines - simple process of execution of legal decrees - the local effect of application of the Penal Code - the necessity of understanding local economy as pre-requisite of evaluating Chin Justice".
Author/creator: H.N.C. Stevenson F.R.A.I., Burma Frontier Service
Language: English
Source/publisher: The Government of Burma
Format/size: pdf (281K)
Date of entry/update: 06 December 2014