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Videos and films on global issues

Websites/Multiple Documents

Title: FOREST TENURE, RESTORATION AND GREEN GROWTH - Seventeenth RRI Dialogue on Forests, Governance, and Climate Change (text and video)
Date of publication: 18 June 2015
Description/subject: A video recording of a whole-day conference held on 18 June 2015. The page begins with text presentations. For the video recordings of the event, scroll down to Webcasts....."Co-Organized by RRI and IUCN, in partnership with the Embassy of France in Washington, DC... Recent years have seen increased global attention and commitment to forest landscape restoration (FLR) as a strategy to mitigate climate change, enhance ecological services, and create new economic opportunities in rural areas. Initiatives such as the Bonn Challenge, calling for the restoration of 150 million hectares of deforested and degraded lands by 2020, and forest restoration commitments within the New York Declaration on Forests demonstrate the significant global momentum behind forest restoration as a “nature-based” solution. Some countries have made FLR a major component of their green growth strategies, indicating the potential of these efforts to garner significant economic benefits beyond climate mitigation. Increasingly, experience and evidence show that forest governance and tenure reforms supporting the rights of local communities and indigenous peoples are key factors in the success of forest restoration initiatives. Recognizing rights of indigenous peoples and local communities to forests creates incentives for long-term investments in forest restoration and management, enables communities to share in benefits generated from restoration activities, and provides the basis for forest-based enterprises and rural economic growth. Secure tenure is also necessary to unlock locally-driven solutions and ensure that forest restoration initiatives do not contribute to “land grabbing” and increased conflict over land use in forest areas. As forest restoration initiatives scale up around the world – an area the size of France has been restored in the last three years – it is especially important to highlight the challenges and opportunities of advancing forest restoration in a socially inclusive manner, respecting and promoting tenure rights and ensuring that local communities join in the design and benefits of restoration initiatives. Gathering prominent national and international decision makers, experts and key representatives of indigenous peoples, local communities, governments, and civil society organizations, this Dialogue built a common understanding of the links among forest tenure, restoration and green growth, and share lessons from local experience on ways to strengthen these links. It also identified policy opportunities and distilled key messages to inform relevant policy discussions including the UNFCCC Conference of Parties meeting in Paris later in the year, the various REDD+ initiatives, as well as the Green Climate Fund."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI)
Format/size: html, Adobe Flash
Alternate URLs: http://www.rightsandresources.org
Date of entry/update: 06 August 2015

Individual Documents

Title: State of the World 2015: Confronting Hidden Threats to Sustainability (video + intro to "State of the World 2015")
Date of publication: 13 April 2015
Description/subject: "We think we understand environmental damage: pollution, water scarcity, a warming world. But these problems are just the tip of the iceberg. Deeper issues include food insecurity, financial assets drained of value by environmental damage, and a rapid rise in diseases of animal origin. These and other problems are among the underreported consequences of an unsustainable global system. In State of the World 2015, the flagship publication of the Worldwatch Institute, experts explore hidden threats to sustainability and how to address them. Eight key issues are addressed in depth, along with the central question of how we can develop resilience to these and other shocks. With the latest edition of State of the World, the authorities at Worldwatch bring to light challenges we can no longer afford to ignore."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Worldwatch Institute
Format/size: Adobe Flash (3 Hours 45 minutes)
Alternate URLs: http://www.worldwatch.org/system/files/SOTW%20intro.pdf
Date of entry/update: 16 April 2015