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Statelessness in Burma/Myanmar

Websites/Multiple Documents

Title: *Youtube search for Burma OR Myanmar - stateless* (video)
Description/subject: About 3,600 results (August 2017)
Language: English, Burmese (ျမန္မာဘာသာ)
Source/publisher: Various sources via Youtube
Format/size: Adobe Flash or html5
Date of entry/update: 24 August 2017

Title: Documents on statelessness related to Burma/Myanmar
Description/subject: Reports and articles by various sources - from 2008
Language: English
Source/publisher: UNHCR (Refworld)
Format/size: html, pdf
Date of entry/update: 25 August 2015

Individual Documents

Title: Who are the Rohingya Muslims? Why are the more than one million Rohingya in Myanmar considered the 'world's most persecuted minority'?
Date of publication: September 2017
Description/subject: Useful collection of material on the Rohingya and their situation.... "The Rohingya are often described as "the world's most persecuted minority". They are an ethnic Muslim group who have lived for centuries in the majority Buddhist Myanmar. Currently, there are about 1.1 million Rohingya Muslims who live in the Southeast Asian country. The Rohingya speak Rohingya or Ruaingga, a dialect that is distinct to others spoken in Rakhine State and throughout Myanmar. They are not considered one of the country's 135 official ethnic groups and have been denied citizenship in Myanmar since 1982, which has effectively rendered them stateless..."....Analysis/description under several headings interspersed with 11 videos, texts, pictures...: Who are the Rohingya?...Where are the Rohingya from?...How and why are they being persecuted? And why aren't they recognised?...How many Rohingya have fled Myanmar and where have they gone?...Chart showing Rohingya movement since the late '70s...What do Aung San Suu Kyi and the Myanmar government say about the Rohingya?...What does Bangladesh say about the Rohingya?...What does the international community say about the Rohingya?...What is the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army?...
Author/creator: Al Jazeera Staff
Language: English
Source/publisher: Al Jazeera
Format/size: html
Alternate URLs: http://www.aljazeera.com/Search/?q=rohingya
Date of entry/update: 02 September 2017