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Sophia University, Tokyo, documents and links

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Title: The Journal of Sophia Asian Studies, No. 32, 2014...Burma Studies in Japan: History, Culture and Religion... 上智アジア学 第32 号2014 å¹´ 目次
Date of publication: 2014
Description/subject: ä¸Šæ™ºã‚¢ã‚¸ã‚¢å­¦ 第32 号2014 å¹´ 目次 ..... 特集:日本のビルマ研究—歴史・文化・宗教を中心に ..... Burma Studies in Japan: History, Culture and Religion..... Editor's Note - NEMOTO Kei... The Anglo-Burmese in the 1940s: To become Burmese or not - NEMOTO Kei... The Formation of the Concept of Myanmar Muslims as Indigenous Citizens: Their History and Current Situation - SAITO Ayako... Written and Oral Transmission of Burmese Classical Songs - INOUE Sayuri... Showing Respect and Bowing Down to s: Spirit Worship and Gender in a Village in Upper Burma - IIKUNI Yukako... Discovery of“ Outsiders”: The Expulsion of Undesirable Chinese and Urban Governance of Colonial Rangoon, Burma, c. 1900‒1920 - OSADA Noriyuki... Transnational“ Myanmar”-Karenni Societies in United States: Experiences of Karenni Refugee Resettlement - KUBO Tadayuki... The Foreign Presence in Mandalay during the Konbaung Period: A Review of the Urban Area - ISHIKAWA Kazumasa... A View of the Karen Baptists in Burma of the Mid-Nineteenth Century, from the Standpoint of the American Baptist Mission - FUJIMURA Hitomi... 『新しい黎明』 1960 年代カイロのフィリピン・ムスリム留学生論文集邦訳・解説(9) 邦訳:堀井 聡江 解説:川島 ç·‘ - Foued KACIMI
Language: English, Japanese, Arabic
Source/publisher: Institute of Asian Cultures, Sophia University, Tokyo
Format/size: pdf (3.3MB)
Date of entry/update: 19 September 2015

Title: Google site-specific search for "Burma OR Myanmar" on sophia.ac.jp
Description/subject: 505 results, September 2015
Language: English
Source/publisher: Sophia University via Google
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 20 September 2015