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1983 Census

Individual Documents

Date of publication: June 1986
Description/subject: "One of the principal objectives laid down by the First Party Congress of the Burma Socialist Programme Party in 1971 June-July was to plan the national economy. As a result, the twentyyear long term plan comprising of a series of five four-year plans was materialized. Policies set forth in the man power sector of the twenty-year long term plan include among other: - Population censuses and labour force surveys to be taken regularly to determine the country's labour force situation; - Vital statistics system to be improved in order to facilitate population projections; - Based on statistics compiled from censuses and surveys, a plan for the labour force to be drawn up in conformity with economic plans, so that optimum use of the country's labour force takes place. Accordingly, the Government of the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma conducted its first post war nation wide census in 1973 and the second one in 1983. These two censuses taken after independence, unlike the ones taken in the pre-war period, were organized not as a mere government departmental activity, but as a mass movement..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma, Immigration and Manpower Department
Format/size: pdf (3.6MB)
Date of entry/update: 08 September 2018