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Renewable energy

Websites/Multiple Documents

Title: Ashden - Sustainable solutions, better lives
Description/subject: "Ashden champions and supports sustainable energy leaders to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world...Ashden is a charity that champions and supports the leaders in sustainable energy to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world.... Whether you want to watch the highlights of one of our award ceremonies, are looking for a video about solar power in Africa, or need examples of sustainable schools, there’s a good chance we’ll have filmed it..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Ashden
Format/size: html, Adobe Flash
Alternate URLs: http://www.ashden.org
Date of entry/update: 27 January 2017

Title: Transcontinental and global power grids
Description/subject: "Diverse geopolitical, market integration and techno-economic dynamics push for further interconnecting the higher voltage systems across countries and continents. The best locations for the generation of renewable electricity are not uniformly distributed across the European continent and worldwide. Sizable renewable energy potential is concentrated in sites far from the power grid (e.g. offshore sea) or where grid transfer capacity is low. The energy production from renewable sources also greatly depends on local weather conditions. To fully utilise these resources, the power grid must be enhanced to allow electricity to be transported to the main demand and storage centres. A more flexible, yet robust, transmission grid may be instrumental to interlink distant electricity markets and take advantage of the low-carbon resources temporal and spatial complementarity. All the above may drive the realisation of a transcontinental higher transfer capacity system to transport large amounts of electricity over long distances. High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technologies, due to their lower losses and smaller environmental impact, promise to be the cornerstones of such global power grid..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: European Union Joint Research Centre (JRC)
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 15 October 2018

Individual Documents

Title: The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy (video)
Date of publication: 2016
Description/subject: "Clean energy is becoming less exotic and more practical than ever before thanks to the efforts of a few key countries. Collectively, they're greasing the wheels for a worldwide revolution. The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy, a new documentary produced by the acclaimed VPRO Backlight series, takes us inside the corporate offices and production lines where this groundbreaking work is being done, and examines what it could mean for the future of energy consumption on Earth. What main factor will ultimately determine the widespread acceptance and use of solar and wind energy? In a word: cost. Once upon a time, investments in these alternative energy sources were considered an extremely risky proposition. After all, the cost to the consumers was many times that of energy powered by natural gas and other traditional fossil fuels. However, as argued by the film's impressive panel of expert industrialists and other energy entrepreneurs, new and untested technologies are always priced high on the outset. Once the research, innovation and production of these technologies begin to progress and mature, the costs go down. This is where the industry stands today. The filmmakers travel the globe to discover where these seismic advancements are taking place. In China, where air pollution has reached catastrophic levels, the government has made unprecedented investments in the development of solar and wind powered technologies. Their efforts are beginning to pay off in a big way, and reverberate throughout the rest of the world. Thanks to increased production savvy and volume, the cost of solar energy has now dipped by more than 80%, and wind energy has decreased by 50%. As the cost of these resources begin to fall well below that of natural gas, how long will it take for other regions of the world to opt in? The industry's fight to acquire the hearts and minds of consumers can only be won through simple economics; consumers will begin to embrace green technologies when the dollars make sense. With great insight and access, The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy shows us how this battle is being waged and won everywhere from Abu Dhabi to the Netherlands to California."
Language: English
Source/publisher: VPRO Backlight viia TopDocumentaryFilms.com
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 27 January 2017