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Climate change and the Myanmar economy

Individual Documents

Title: Climate Change and Private Sector Resilience in Myanmar
Date of publication: December 2017
Description/subject: "This policy brief looks into climate risks to three selected industries (agribusinesses, garment industries, building businesses) in order to illustrate potential impacts on and key vulnerabilities of businesses in Myanmar, dominated by small and medium enterprises. Businesses and industries in Myanmar are already facing enormous losses and damages associated with climate change. In future, climate change will likely cause huge production losses and physical damages to farmers, agro-processing firms, retailers and other agribusinesses. The garment industry will face unreliable electricity supply, disruptions in all transport modes, physical damages to assets, and declining health and well-being of migrant workers. Building industries and businesses will be challenged by more frequent disruption of operations, as well as losses associated with long-term consequences of climate change on supply of materials, health of workers, quality of construction works and market demand. • To enhance the resilience of businesses and industries, Myanmar should: enforce environmental laws, regulations and safety standards legislation; mainstream climate change considerations into sectoral policies, labour health and safety standards, and social protection programmes; and develop tailored information services, stimulate research, raise awareness, support capacity-building of businesses, and improve early warning systems. Public institutions should work with the private sector to safeguard a resilient future of the nation and communities, including by engaging private sector actors in adaptation planning and implementation, and promoting public-private partnerships..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Myanmar Climate Change Alliance
Format/size: pdf (516K)
Alternate URLs: http://myanmarccalliance.org/mcca/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/CC-and-Private-Sector-Resilience_onlin...
Date of entry/update: 17 January 2018