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Climate change and Natural Resources

Individual Documents

Title: Sustainable management of natural resources for healthy ecosystems - Policy Guidance Brief 2
Date of publication: October 2017
Description/subject: "Ecologically diverse, Myanmar has abundant water resources, species-rich coastal ecosystems and large forest reserves. However, population and economic growth and unsustainable use of natural resources are driving forces of ongoing environmental degradation which curb the ability of ecosystems to provide services and respond to shocks. Environmental impacts of climate change in Myanmar are far-reaching: increased risk of forest fires, plant pests and diseases, and desertification, particularly in the Central Dry Zone, due to droughts and extreme temperatures; loss of vegetation in mountain regions as result of rapid-onset events such as floods and landslides; and destruction of coastal ecosystems due to strong cyclones, among others. Although the country has a significant carbon sequestration capacity, high deforestation rates remain a critical issue. One of Myanmar’s major challenges ahead is to enhance the carbon sink potential of its forests which can also help generate other co-benefits such as adaptation..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Myanmar Climate Change Alliance
Format/size: pdf (501K)
Date of entry/update: 19 January 2018