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Foreign Debt

Individual Documents

Title: Early days for debt market as budget looks for finance
Date of publication: 23 March 2015
Description/subject: "The growing budget deficit will require more domestic loans to the government over the next few years, increasing strain on local debt markets, according to experts. While authorities are attempting to boost tax collection efforts in a bid to cut the deficit, which may grow to over 5 percent of GDP this year, it is likely that debt financing will continue to be required to meet budget needs. The Central Bank of Myanamr restarted auctions of government bonds this year for the first time in the civilian government era, though had previously conducted debt sales. Finance Minister U Win Shein said the ministry routinely rounds out the government budget with use of loans from domestic sources. The government owed domestic loans worth K10.8 trillion (US$10.4 billion) as of September last year, an increase on K9.94 billion in 2011-12. Foreign debt is currently worth about $9.4 billion, according to statistics from the Ministry of Finance..."
Author/creator: Aye Thidar Kyaw
Language: English
Source/publisher: "Myanmar Times" (English)
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 23 March 2015

Title: Joint BIS-IMF-OECD-World Bank statistics on external debt (Myanmar)
Date of publication: 31 August 2001
Description/subject: "This site provides the latest international data available, mainly from creditor sources, on the external debt of developing and transition countries and territories. The information is presented in the form of a table that is updated quarterly (last update: 31 August 2001). The table shows: the stock of debt, with a minimum two-month lag, for the last five quarters and the previous December; and flow figures for the latest complete two years and two recent quarters. The table is also available in PDF format (201 KB) and in a compressed executable Excel workbook (206 KB). A background summary and metadata describe each of the 14 data series presented. FREE access to an online database, which provides longer time series and permits manipulation of the figures. The purpose of the site is to facilitate timely and frequent access by a broad range of users to one data set that brings together data that are currently compiled and published by the contributing international agencies (BIS-IMF-OECD-World Bank) on components of countries' external debt and international reserve assets. Click on the name of any of the contributing organisations to access their Website to obtain more detailed information."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Bank for International Settlements, IMF, OECD, World Bank.
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003

Title: Waiting for Windfalls Won
Date of publication: June 1997
Description/subject: On Burma's debt burden. "Not since the days of Indonesia's Sukarno regime in the 1960s has Southeast Asia seen such a profligate government with little capacity for rational economic management. No windfalls from either a gas pipeline or narco-dollars can bail out Burma.".
Author/creator: Louis Kraar of Fortune magazine
Language: English
Source/publisher: "Burma Debate", Vol.. IV, No. 2
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003