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BP: Schools log on to Internet

April 1, 1998



              Schools log on to

              Free link-ups begin today

              Thanks to extensive work behind the scenes and without any
              formal government budget, secondary schools in every province
              are able from today to make a free connection to the Internet. 

              This pioneering work, which puts the country ahead of others in
              the region, was spearheaded by the National Electronics and
              Computer Technology Centre and made possible by government
              funding for Golden Jubilee (Kanchanapisek) Network Project,
              with the support of the private sector, the National IT
              Committee, the Telephone Organisation of Thailand and the

              Database has the story about the SchoolNet project - "a
              substantial component for the survival of Thailand in the 21st
              century if we plan to be seriously educating our children for a
              better future of the nation,' in the words of Nectec Director
              Professor Pairash Thajchayapong.

              See Database 


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