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Karenni history

Individual Documents

Title: Highlights in Karenni History to 1948
Date of publication: 14 November 2010
Description/subject: Karenni State is believed to have been established in BC 739. From 739 BC until the 17th century AD communities within Karenni States were ruled over by elected leaders. In the 18th century, troops from one of the feudal states in Yun intruded into Karenni State, but the Karenni people united to repel these invaders. In the 18th century Poe Bya Da was elected as chief of the whole Karenni. Buok Poe Du (Pah Paw Gyi) established Sao Lon City on the east of the Pon River and ruled East Karenni. At that time, Karenni was divided into five sub-states, namely Eastern Karenni Kantarawadi, and Western Karenni, made up of Kyebogyi, Bawlake, Nanmakhon, and Naung Pale. Each state was ruled by its own chief after Poe Bya Da passed away.
Author/creator: Khu Oo Reh
Language: English
Source/publisher: Karenni Homeland
Format/size: html
Alternate URLs: http://www.karennihomeland.com/ArticleArticle.php?ContentID=44
Date of entry/update: 14 November 2010